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Five steps to finding profitable products to sell on amazon

There are a variety of approaches to selecting things to sell on Amazon. This article will go over a five-step technique that uses Amazon’s publicly available information on all of its products. For more information, you can visit the below link:

  1. Look through the Best Sellers list for a specific category.

Identify products that are hot right now and have less competition. These products sell in large quantities but have yet to be identified by the top sellers. The “Best Sellers” lists and the Amazon Best Sellers Rank for each ASIN — Amazon Standard Identification Number — reveal Amazon’s best-selling products in each category. The Amazon Best Sellers listings are updated hourly depending on each ASIN’s Amazon Best Sellers Rank. Scroll down to the Product Information section for each product to see the Best Sellers Rank.

  1. Do some research on each best-selling item.

Open each product in a separate browser tab and click on its “Used and new” link to view all sellers, starting at number 1 on the Best Sellers list of your category of choice. Look for the following details that, when combined, suggest a good chance of selling on Amazon. The listing is not for sale on Amazon. There aren’t many sellers. It’s ideal to stay under the age of five. It’s fine if it’s under ten. Amazon merchants only fulfill a small percentage of orders. The best value is zero.

  1. Do some research on the vendor.

Determine the manufacturer or supplier after you’ve found possible products. To do so, go to Google and type in the brand name (from the Amazon listing). If a Google search for the brand name yields no results, try searching for the product name. If it’s being sold on other sites, look for the maker or brand. Once you’ve found the supplier, go to their website and look for contact information for the wholesale department, if possible. This is typically seen in the header or footer of a page.

  • Make contact with the vendor.

The purpose of this first email is to demonstrate to the supplier that you are a possible buyer of its goods. Speak with someone from the wholesale department of the supplier if at all possible. Discuss your passion in depth. If you’re dropshipping or wholesaling, include your address, where you plan to sell, and the pricing and payment terms. With a distribution deal, you’ll be able to sell the products. This permits you to market and advertises that supplier’s products on Amazon.

Step 5: Begin selling the item on Amazon.

To determine if you’ve discovered a winner, offer the possibly profitable product on Amazon. For 60 days, the product will be put to the test. Keeping a close eye on its ASIN, altering prices to compete with other sellers, and optimizing the listing for Amazon search are all things that the company is doing. After 60 days, evaluate the product’s performance and decide whether it’s worth keeping in your inventory. If that’s the case, keep stocking and optimizing for additional sales. If it isn’t, get rid of it and concentrate on something else.



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