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Feather Plucking in Birds

Birds often pluck their feathers to entice or groom themselves. It becomes a severe behavior disorder when a bird may over-preen or self-mutilates itself.


There are many causes of feather plucking disorders. Water Birds  They are:Birds who are too active and overstimulated often fly around like birds that are bored. These birds can also exhibit aggression and fearful behavior. Anxiety could be caused by an absence in fresh air or deficiency of light,

or a disturbance to birds’

cycle of circadian activity (a biological 24-hour rhythm). A different stressful scenario occurs when the bird has to be moved from one location to the next or there changes in the usual surroundings. But stress of any kind could make a bird indulge in plucking its feathers.

A diet that is not balanced can cause problems with feathers and skin which birds try to fix by using feather plucks. Similar to birds that are affected by external or internal parasites could opt for feather plucking to relieve discomfort.Feather Plucking in Birds


Feather plucking may become routine if not addressed in time. Most of the time, there is more than one reason for the bird’s feather plucking. It is important to investigate and treat each of them using your veterinarian’s assistance.

It is equally important

for your pet to be entertained by playing with toys. birds chirping This can be done through methods of behavioral therapy, or changing the environment to decrease its isolation. Omega acid fatty acids, when they are added to the diet have also proven to be effective in decreasing feather plucking.

A single treatment is not enough to solve the issue of feather plucking. Instead, it must be a combination of various treatments. Furthermore, treatment that isn’t followed by behavioral therapy may cause your bird to pluck its feathers again.



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