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What are the Biggest Fears for a Software Developer?

Custom software development is a Herculean task that requires a dedicated software developing team working tirelessly to deliver the project on its deadline. Software developers are the masterminds behind every app that you are currently using. In fact, software development is one of the most demanding professional fields in today’s world. Software programming is a highly sought-after job that requires a dedicated attitude and expertise in the subject of software development.

A software developer enjoys several perks and benefits along with handsome monthly pay. That being said, being a software programmer is not a cakewalk as it sounds. The journey is filled with several roadblocks and hurdles that more often than not will make you want to quit the job. Are you intrigued to find out what software development nightmares are made of? If yes, then let’s take a look at some of the biggest fears for a software developer given below.

1.    I Hate My Job!

One of the biggest fears for a software developer working on a custom software development company or project is not liking the job they studied day and night for. For most people out there, nothing sounds scarier than waking up one day and hating the job that you always dreamed of working for. One of the biggest fears that a software developer has to live with is that one day he realizes that software programming is just not his cup of tea.

For a software developer, programming is all one has done for all his adulthood, and realizing that you just don’t like it anymore is a nightmare come true. There can be various reasons behind a software developer just not liking programming anymore. These include – boredom at work, a monotonous work environment, changes in the company dress code [programmers hate changes – I swear! (pun intended)], etc.

2.    Issues with the Management and Incompetent Workers

Another fear in the daily life of a software developer is working on a custom software development project with a manager who’s got no clue about what a programmer does or for that matter what programming even is! This lack of technical knowledge on the project manager’s part could cause a lot of friction between the software developer and the manager. Having to explain even the least technical parts of the custom software development project to the manager can make the whole software development process a cumbersome and painfully tiring task for a programmer.

Furthermore, dealing with managers, clients, and co-workers who cannot communicate their requirements can ultimately affect the overall user experience of the software itself. More often than not, these air-headed managers have a distorted view of the reality of programming and overburden the programmers with their unrealistic views on software development.

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3.    Being Forced to Work on a Language they Hate

Every software programmer has a favorite programming language that they’ve grown up learning. This favorite programming language is their work, their best friend, and their joy all at the same time. Being forced to work on custom software development projects in a language that they hate or do not have expertise in can be a real-life nightmare for most software developers.

Some programmers like Java, some like COBOL, and some like VB. NET, and some like C#. If you go out there and ask your fellow software developer what he fears the most, then even the thought of working on a programming language he hates for his next project will make him shudder! Chills. Literal chills.

4.    Losing their Relevance

Another major fear that software developers have to deal with is that they’d lose touch with programming over time. In the field of software development, it is extremely important to stay on board with the latest technological advancements and inculcate them in your custom software development project.

Since we live in an ever-evolving technological world, a software developer has to always be on his toes so as to evolve with the technology in his field. Not being up to date with the technological advancements and the market demands means building software that will ultimately become obsolete. Hence, several programmers out there deal with the fear of not learning every day.

5.    Screwing Up Their Task

Software development is a capital-intensive project. Add to the list the hopes and dreams of several coworkers and the responsibility of skyrocketing the business, a software developer indeed has to deal with a ton of aspirations. Taking into account the hopes, dreams, and money that goes into a custom software development project, failing at their task is just not an option for a software developer.

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Therefore, a software developer has to always strive to do better every single day in order to not screw things up and ultimately keep their job. It would be fair to say that even though software programming is a dream job for several people out there, it is a demanding field that requires you to be on your toes at all times.

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