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Maintain The Trendy Fashion With Tweed Fabric

Only a select few materials spring to mind when going for that ultra-vintage aesthetic, and tweed is one of them. Tweed was seen as a man’s fabric before the world of fashion was introduced with major brands, and Scottish Dukes wore it. Then it was long linked to Jackie Kennedy’s and Queen Elizabeth II’s formal attire. Designers recently went to fabric distributors after remembering this material and started to make items with strange silhouettes, mix tweed with other fabrics, and choose unusual accessories for it. We’ve compiled the key methods that will enable you to comprehend how to wear tweed nowadays and look stylish.

We’ll talk about some advice today on how to wear this cloth in the most fashionable and chic manner possible. So take pleasure in the stylish adventure with us.

Play With Bright Colors 

Tweed isn’t only black and white or Burgundy plaid anymore; pink, orange, and blue tweed are also in demand for clothing. Even a traditionally conservative brand like Chanel deviates from the typical pastel hues, showing us more and more vibrant jackets and skirts from tweed that are tastefully detach with one another.

Such distinctive attire cannot be characterized as being outdated, but if you like more subdued looks, you may go with a brilliant tweed suit with a white shirt and black tights.

Tweed And Denim

It was once thought impossible to wear clothing made of noble tweed with commonplace textiles like denim. That is not acceptable in the fashion industry. Designers today, however, encourage ladies to pair rigid coats with boyfriend jeans. You can be a little mischievous now that Tweed is no longer associated with the image of a girl student.

With this combination, you can create a casual and younger look. Adding a jacket in this look would also make you unique among all. Experiment with this joyful look while making memories for life. 

Leather And Tweed: Brutal Combination 

The Alexander Wang clothing line offers the most audacious approach to spice up tweed by daringly pairing it with black harsh leather and rugged shoes. Although it seems a little strange, it looks incredibly natural and fashionable! With this line, the company proposes to blend materials that at first glance appear to be completely at odds.

Opt this combination for theme parties or evening events or for slaying different style statements. Instead of following branded ready to wear clothes, you can create this look at home with fabrics from fabriclore. Here, you can get a large marvelous collection of fabrics. 

Tweed And Light Fabrics

Despite the fact that tweed is once again fashionable, a full tweed appearance is not significance. For instance, this material will look excellent carry with voluminous blouses made of translucent organza for skirts and jumper dresses, and cropped jackets can be carry with loose classic pants. Forget tight lines and MIDI skirts; odd suits and short dresses will seem more contemporary.

This look is so experimental and creative that you can create multiple outfits with one kind of top. Further, you have multiple options to choose from materials like cotton, linen, chiffon, satin and many more. 

Preppy Fashion 

Preppy, often known as “pre-college preparatory,” is a fashion trend that imitates the school attire or uniforms used by students at elite institutions. Plaid and geometric patterns are the primary preppy prints, and tweed, wool, cotton, and cashmere are the primary materials.

The current epicenter of preppy fashion is in Asia, with South Korea and Japan housing the majority of “school uniform” trend-setters. This suggests dressing in wide-strapped tweed sundresses, short flared skirts, and simple jackets. Tweed items go well with loose T-shirts, jeans, colorful berets, and collared blouses.

Tweed clothing will seem extremely natural in this image because this style is as close to the classic as possible, and a skillful blending with other items will give it a current sound.


Tweed is an amazing fabric and after entering big brands in tweed fashion, this material is no more for men. You can style it anyway as you want. Pick simple tweed and denim look for day out or go for leather to rock the fashion choices. Instead of going for ready to wear clothes try to be creative and experimental with tweed fabric. If you are looking for a trustable fabric distributor for supply of wholesale fabrics for your designing project then fabriclore is the right place for you. Here you can get various kinds of material with the best quality. 



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