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Explore the Many Faces of NFTs with the Book of Gates

An NFT is an NFT, right? Wrong! There’s actually a ton of differing types of NFT in the wider non-fungible market today, each with their own selling points, focuses, and experiences to offer their owner. And many quality collections- like the soon-to-drop Book of Gates NFT Trading Card Collection- manage to fill many potential roles for their eager new owners. From passport into a new world to limited edition digital collectible, NFTs are a remarkable format for creatives and investors alike.

NFTs- Know Your Type

Gone are the days when your NFT was a mere image attached to the blockchain. Cool as these static and single-purpose collections can be, the wider evolution in the NFT space has created oh-so-much more potential for the humble non-fungible token. Today you could be buying an NFT to store-and-hold for its investment value, browsing cool new NFT-based games to spice up a dull evening, carefully adding a once-in-a-lifetime art piece to your collection, or getting an invite into exclusive spaces and events- or all of them in one!

Alongside niche uses for photography, art, AI generated images, and music, we’re now seeing added utility through membership NFTs and event tickets, NFT gaming, true art and collectible NFTs, and even ultra- rare One for One artist to owner experiences.

Exploring Versatile NFTs with Collections like the Book of Gates

So how can an NFT wear many hats at once? Let’s take a look at the much-anticipated Book of Gates Collection. Already attracting a ton of market attention for its unique, eye-catching art style and the rich world of its exciting underlying game mechanics, it’s the perfect example of how seamlessly NFTs have become a versatile digital collectible that wears many hats.

Elite parts of the collection- selling out fast, by the way, if you’re eyeing one- are released as One of One artwork, or 1/1. As you likely guessed, this means there’s only ever going to be one of that piece released, to be owned exclusively by one individual. All the beauty of a limited art or investment piece, rolled into the blockchain.

Yet here we also have the perfect example of collectible NFTs, too. As anyone who’s eyed the sports card, memorabilia, or geeky landscapes of late can attest, card-style collectibles are hot. Book of Gates similarly uses the trading card style format to inspire its pieces. With various types of rarity throughout the collection, they’re simultaneously accessible but also worth collecting. And fun, of course!

Here we also see the idea of ‘Gaming NFTs’ move past the much-debated play-to-earn phase into something more versatile, showcasing the true potential of web3 in the game space. Remember the thrill of slamming down the perfect monster combo to win the match in Magic: The Gathering? Now it’s time to take that experience digital.

The wider world of NFTs has become an exciting and versatile space, catering to huge swathes of the population by filling an exciting variety of niches in the digital collectible market.



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