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Explore Interesting Facts about Michael Jackson’s Most Prized Possessions: His Fedora Hats

Nobody can ever forget the signature military-style jackets of Michael Jackson and also his Swarovski crystal-studded gloves that were irrefutably a vital part of the King of Pop’s persona. However, the most iconic thing about his outfit and dressing style was the black fedora that he flaunted both on stage and in real life, right from the 80s until he breathed his last. According to Wikipedia, Michael Jackson was a famous American singer, dancer, and songwriter, held in high esteem as the 20th century’s most remarkable cultural figure.

Michael Jackson wore the black fedora for the first time in public at the 25th Anniversary of Motown Records, where he performed his brand new super hit song “Billie Jean”. This song and even the album, called the ‘Thriller’ became a global hit. Thanks to its roaring success, even today, Thriller is the all-time best-selling album.

Later, Michael Jackson: the star got into the habit of ending live performances of Billie Jean by throwing his black fedora to the ecstatic crowds. We understand that he had given away 329 fedoras to his fans, who were delirious as he performed in his tours. You cannot think of the legend without associating him with all his intricate performances and ornate costumes. MJ had a style that was reflected both on stage and off it. psychic sister His unique style and personality were very much reflected in his loyalty to black fedoras over the years. Let us explore some interesting facts about his black fedoras.

MJ Flaunted His Favorite Hats On& Off the Stage

Michael Jackson, the singing sensation, is amongst the broad spectrum of musicians, artists, and celebrities who popularized the quintessential black fedora hat. MJ used this hot-favorite accessory not just as a prop for his stage performances, but he teamed his everyday outfits with a black fedora. Eventually, the black fedora began to be associated with this iconic pop star of all times. Black fedoras are today considered to be a quintessential MJ piece.

MJ Flaunted His Hat When He First Appeared on Television in 1969

Nobody could deny or forget the iconic and crucial role hats played in MJ’s career. It is, therefore, not surprising at all to know that his career began with a hat. When Michael was only 12 years old, he got the opportunity to perform in ‘Jackson 5’ along with his brothers. He wore a stunning magenta hat and stole the show. It was his first-ever TV appearance on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’. Today it is safe to claim that hats have contributed to his iconic image and immense popularity among music lovers worldwide.

MJ’s Hot-Favorite Hats Were Present during His Most Famous Moves

Michael Jackson won worldwide acclaim and appreciation for his unmatched talent in performance. Everybody was dumbfounded by his unparalleled mastery of music. However, Michael Jackson, the ‘King of Pop’ demonstrated how well he could dance and win people’s hearts. People looked forward to his shows not just for his enthralling music but also for his mesmerizing choreography. Moves, such as the ‘Moonwalk’ won worldwide acclaim because of their seamless and flawless execution. MJ’s beloved fedora always accessorized historic MJ moments-the anti-gravity lean and the hat tilt!

MJ’s Fans Went Delirious & Fought over His Hats

As Michael continued on his streak of winning performances and success worldwide, he made it a habit to toss his black hat after performing ‘Billie Jean’ into the delirious crowds. It is, therefore, not at all surprising for fans to expect the magical moment at the end of the song. Fanatic MJ lovers fought passionately to catch hold of the prized souvenir. Millions of fervent fans would go crazy and fight for the accessory. Many of the hats got destroyed in their frenzy.

The One-of-a-Kind White Fedora Got Auctioned off for A Staggering 10,000 Euros

During the shooting of the film Moonwalker, a few white fedoras were custom-tailored for MJ. When the project was complete, MJ gave away a few hats as gifts to his close friends and collaborators. However, the iconic white hat had Michael’s autograph on it. ‘Love Michael Jackson’ were the magical words on the white fedora that fetched 10,000 euros.

All of MJ’s hats until 1990 featured a striking white liner. MJ’s fedora hats contained the logo and name of the manufacturer. However, post-1990, all his hats were sans the lining. All his black fedoras were made of 100 percent pure wool. WPL 5923 was the unique identifier and this code was inscribed on the inside of the hat on a golden label.


Michael Jackson was literally the ‘King of Style’. He made a fashion statement with his attire, right from his U.S. patented lean shoes to the splendid white fedora. MJ’s larger-than-life persona and image were a result of his over two-decade-long collaboration with his costume designers. His outfits were like wearable art highlighting his foot-tapping music and style of dancing. His hats were an integral part of his style and helped him become one of the perennial trendsetters in the world of music and fashion. With his holistic style, Michael Jackson set the bar not only for pop stars but also for celebrities who came after him.



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