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Exaddon CERES Metal Printing System and Verve LED UV Flatbed Printer

The Exaddon CERES Print System is a high-speed metal printing machine with 1 um resolution. The device is equipped with eight grippers to ensure secure and accurate sheet handling. The system operates at room temperature and has no need for post-processing. It is also capable of printing overhanging parts without support structures. The machine features a simple, robust design and can handle up to four different kinds of metal.

The VERVE LED uses drop-on-demand technology and piezoelectric inkjet to produce parts of up to 1200 dpi. It also has eight colour options, including white. It runs on Onyx software and is ideal for service providers in the print industry. Its low-cost operation makes it an attractive choice for businesses in all types of industries. If you want a high-quality, low-volume metal-printing machine that produces great-looking prints with minimal operating costs, consider the VERVE LED.

The VERVE LED uses drop-on-demand technology and piezoelectric inkjet to produce high-resolution prints. Its print quality is 1200 dpi, with 8 colour options plus white, and a maximum thickness of 100 mm. The system uses a Uv flatbed led curing system and Onyx software to manage production efficiency and reduce operating costs. VERVE LED is the best choice for service providers of the print industry.

A recent Australian manufacturer came on the scene with two machines in its range. Both the Sharebot and Verve LED use Multi-layer Concurrent Printing technology, which falls somewhere between Direct Energy Deposition and Powder Bed Fusion. Both of these processes are faster than Powder Bed Fusion. They also require less post-processing, so users can obtain smooth parts faster. This machine is especially suitable for a wide range of applications, including dental and jewelry industries.

The Sharebot is an inexpensive metal printing machine. It uses a dual-layer system of printing processes to achieve a textured finish. Unlike a conventional metal printing press, the Sharebot’s printer is designed for ease of use. Among the features, the 4-zone vacuum system helps to improve media handling. In addition, it features an anti-crash sensor and a static suppressor. These features make the machine the best choice for industrial processes.

Moreover, it has several features that help in increasing the productivity of the company. The four-zone vacuum system helps to prevent warping by reducing the number of support structures. It also has a low ink volume reminder system, which is useful for unmanned operation. Its anti-crash sensor and static suppressor help in preventing any kind of error while running the machine. The DMP printer has many other features, including the CAD-compatible software.

The Verve LED uses piezoelectric inkjet technology to print on metal. It offers high-quality prints in up to 1200 dpi. The Verve LED is equipped with Uv flatbed led curing system. It has several other useful features, such as a high-speed printing press, and the ability to customize its settings according to your needs. The VERVE LED is an excellent option for print industry service providers. Its low operating cost and efficient production make it an ideal choice for small-sized and medium-sized companies.

In order to achieve high-quality metal printing results, the VERVE LED has many features. Its features include a four-zone vacuum system, which helps in media handling. It has a low ink volume reminder system, which is helpful for unmanned operation. It also features a white-ink circulation system, which keeps colour particulates in motion. It has a static suppression and an anti-crash sensor.

The VERVE LED is a high-quality metal printer that uses UV printing ink to print durable images on aluminum. It features a 4-zone vacuum system and industrial printheads. This system has the ability to print fine images on stainless steel and aluminum. It also has a custom pattern printer, which is a unique feature of the VERVE LED. Its advanced technology allows you to make your own unique, customised designs.

The ORIP-45 is a new metal printing machine developed by Xerox. It features a new type of technology known as 3E Metal Deposition, which combines the advantages of wire and powder technologies. The company’s flagship product is an industrial-grade metal printing machine that offers great design freedom and flexibility. Depending on the size of the project, the ORIP-45 can produce parts with both powder and metallic rods. The ORIP-45’s high-grade technology also helps the operator save time by shortening the preparation of plates and making it easier to produce different kinds of prints.



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