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Everything to Know About Physical Therapy with Massage Guns

If you’re like most people, your go-to response for aches and pains is a trip to the drugstore. You might buy some over-the-counter pain relief medication or cream, thinking that it will help make the issue disappear.

However, what if there was another, more holistic option? What if we told you that you could do your physical therapy at home with massage guns?

With this article, we aim to provide you an insight into everything you need to know about this type of percussive therapy. We’ll cover the benefits, how to use them, and what to watch out for. Keep reading for all the details!

What Is A Percussive Massage?

Imagine being able to massage yourself with vibrations that help release tension and stimulate the muscles. A percussive massage is an innovative form of therapy where the rapid movements of a deep tissue massage gun are combined together with pressure applied directly to your soft tissue!

Why You Should Use A Deep Tissue Massage Gun?

Massage guns are more than just an easy way to give yourself some relief from sore muscles. They can be used for many reasons, including therapeutic purposes!

1. Improves Your Mobility:

When the fascia around your muscles becomes thick and tight, it can cause pain as well as limited mobility. These conditions are often caused by factors such as repetitive movement or trauma. This means that you’ll have to take care not just about how much time you spend exercising each day and what position during any given workout session produces them!

The deep massage feeling you get from percussive pressure is actually the key to relieving the tension and pain in your muscles. The regular use of a deep tissue massage gun will help thin out thickened fascia fluids so that they become more pliable, allowing for better movement within your body!

2. Reduces Any Soreness:

Lactic acid is a by-product of muscle contractions. After exercise or other activities, this buildup can cause soreness and pain in your muscles as it closes off spaces when stored in muscles. But there’s something you could do about all that painful muscle ache. Massage gun therapy will force those fibers to release their lactic acids, which reduces the time of severe discomfort after workouts.

3. Provides Relief From Pain And Stress:

There are many ways to alleviate chronic pain without resorting to harsh medication or invasive therapies. You can use your massage gun to help improve circulation and loosen up stiffness around joints by gently massaging the painful area.

The massage gun is also an excellent way to release tension throughout the body. It does this by releasing dopamine and serotonin flow more easily through your brain’s pathways for relaxation and happiness!

4. Decreases Your Delayed On Set Muscle Soreness:

After a new exercise routine or injury, it’s common to experience muscle soreness 24-72 hours later as the body heals itself from any damage done during these events; this is known as delayed onset muscle publisher (DOMS).

Research shows that vibration therapy can reduce inflammation by increasing skin temperature and blood flow hormone responses which helps with the pain associated with experiencing such discomfort.

Vibration therapy is also a great way to help relieve muscle soreness and inflammation after an unfamiliar physical activity, such as exercise or injury. The vibration speeds up blood flow in your muscles which results in less pain!

5. Improves Blood Circulation:

The blood vessels are the highways of our bodies. They carry nutrients and oxygen to every corner of your body, ensuring that you have a healthy life. Therefore, the body’s health depends on the efficiency of blood circulation. The more quickly your nutrients are transported through this network, the healthier you are!

The body needs better blood circulation in order for nutrients and oxygen to be delivered throughout your whole system. This can lead not only to the repair of muscle but also efficient functioning of all organs within your body.

When blood circulation is poor, it can lead to a deficiency of oxygen and nutrients, which has extremely adverse effects on your overall health. In turn, this could mean slower healing times for injuries.

The massage gun is known for its ability to improve blood flow. People often use massage guns to improve blood flow in one area of their body. However, if you were to get a full-body treatment using these devices, it is possible that it will improve circulation throughout your entire body.

6. Boosts Immune System:

The idea that massage guns might help improve blood circulation and, therefore, white cell activity is a popular one among many health experts. The recent studies haven’t been extensive enough to draw any concrete conclusions, but what we do know so far points towards an increased capacity for fighting off illness in individuals using a deep tissue massage gun on a regular basis.

7.  Stimulates The Lymphatic System:

Lymphatic stimulation is a very underrated form of self-care. The lymph nodes in our bodies are important little bunkers that store the weaponry needed to fight infections within us: the lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell. They’re tucked away deep underneath the skin and muscles.

Massage gun therapy has been proven to stimulate these lymph nodes, which in turn may help circulate lymphatic fluids throughout your body.

8. Enhanced Post-Injury Care:

Massage therapy with the massage gun is an excellent way of accelerating rehabilitation treatment because not only does it enhances the speed of recovery, but it also prevents re-injury.

Percussion therapy can be an excellent option for people who have been diagnosed with chronic pain as well because it does not involve the use of medication to facilitate efficient circulation within damaged areas of fascial tissues and muscles. Muscle flexibility is also enhanced as a result.

These guns can be used as a supplement to standard rehabilitation therapy methods. These devices achieve such a feat by improving the healing and recuperation of damaged as well as atrophied muscles caused due to either trauma or illness.

9.  Breaks Up Scar Tissue:

There are many people who use massage guns for their post-surgery scar tissue treatment. This is not backed up by scientific research, but percussive therapy has been reported to ease the pain around these tissues, making it an appealing alternative option worth considering.

Medical professionals also recommend using a massage gun for post-surgery scar tissue treatment because it can be very effective in reducing pain. Recently, percussive therapy has also been reported to help break up scar tissue from sports injuries and surgeries.

10. Prevents Further Injury:

Massage guns are an excellent way to warm up before exercising. The pressure from the gun will wake your muscles, flush toxins out of them, increase blood flow for a more effective workout, and make your muscles more flexible, therefore also preventing them from further injury.


All in all, using a massage gun is a great way to improve your physical therapy routine.

If you’re looking into trying something that can help reduce soreness, pain, and stress while also boosting your immune system and stimulating different systems in the body, massage guns are definitely worth considering. Not only do they provide relief after an injury, but they also help break up scar tissue and prevent further injury.

If you are interested in using a deep tissue massage gun for physical therapy or would like more information on its benefits, please contact us today!

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