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Essential Tips for Buying a Piano for Your Home

Pianos are wonderful instruments that are true assets for the home of any established player or budding musician. However, just like when shopping for a car purchase, there has to be a lot of thought that goes into making the decision right for you. Knowing what to look for is half the battle, and this guide has some essential tips for buying a piano for your home that everyone can use. 

The Size

The first consideration has to be the size and location of the piano. Where will it go in your home? Maybe there is already a perfectly shaped space along a wall or in an alcove, or perhaps you are still figuring out the answer to this question. Regardless, there is little to no point in buying an instrument until you have confirmed there is space for it in a room. Go and see some pianos and look at some measurements online to get a better sense of the size of these instruments. Although they do come in a variety of lengths and heights, overall they are a large feature that takes up a big slice of space. 

The Style

Secondly, you have to think about which style of piano you want to play. There are three main types that are explored a bit more below, and each one of these has unique qualities to bring to the table. Depending on your musical preference and your technical skill level, there are often different paths to take for everyone. 


An upright piano is one of the most common types. They produce beautiful sounds, come in a range of styles, and suit the most novice of players right through to the seasoned expert of the keys. As long as you get it tuned, you should be able to find a decent upright within your budget range if you have a smaller financial pool to play with. 


Digital pianos are a fairly new invention. Moving with the idea of portable digital keyboards, you can now buy a whole upright style electric piano for your home. Don’t be put off by the word ‘digital’ because although the sound is synthetic, if you get the quality right with a good brand and creation like the Yamaha Clavinova, the sound will follow too. 


Grand pianos are considered an elite type of piano and are one for those with a higher budget to work with. They are big instruments, and will therefore need a dedicated area and a lot more maintenance than perhaps a standard upright or digital alternative. These are the pianos of olden day concert halls and have a unique timbre attached. 

When you have made this decision, you will be better able to move within your budget and size restrictions. 

Nail Your Budget

Pianos tend to be expensive instruments regardless of whether you’re buying brand new or pre-loved, because of their size and stature. Therefore, understanding the costs of the various makes and models is essential to set realistic budget expectations. If you have £2000 as opposed to £20,000, your options will be a bit more limited. However, there are great pianos out there for a lower price if you do a bit of strategic searching. Don’t forget, before making any purchase, you need to factor in tuning and renovation costs as well, as some second-hand instruments are very old and may not have been looked after all too well in their previous home. 

The Trial Run

It is wise to never buy a piano without sitting down and playing it first. As a player, you must gain a sense of sentiment about the instrument and how it moves with your hands. If you’re going to be sitting practicing or performing, it is important that you’re in tune with one another and some pianos simply won’t suit your posture or your musical profile. So, before agreeing or spending money anywhere, make sure you put your fingers on the keys and put the keys to the test. Play a few melodies and don’t be shy to really take it for a spin. 

When the day comes for your home to welcome a new piano, the fit has to be a match made in heaven. For players old and new, this is one of the most essential factors. Without a good fit, the purchase won’t be worth it. 


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