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Essential Tips for a Clutter-Free Living Space

Are you considering decluttering your living space? If the answer is yes, you might be overly worried about the task, as decluttering one’s space is overwhelming.

To make things easier for you, here are some quick and easy ways to declutter your interior space.

Decluttering – An Overview

Simplifying one’s interior space means different things to different people. The decluttering process also depends on the number of rooms you have and whether you have kids or pets. The key to a decluttered space is a simplification.

And when it comes to simplifying one’s space, it comes down to achieving the vibe and feel for your interior space that works best for you. You will also want to create an ideal living space where you can rest and roam without feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

Here are some ways to attain a clean and clutter-free interior space.

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Declutter Your Entryway

You will want to start with decluttering your entryway. You will want to create a way to organize the stuff you usually tend to discard near the door, such as your jacket, coat, books, keys, etc.

If you have clutter in your entryway, it can worsen your mood and also raise your stress level. Upon entering your house, you will want to be mindful of the vibe and feel you want to have. To curb your stress level, you will want to find a designated drawer where you place your essentials, such as your wallet and keys.

Clear Your Garage Out

Another aspect to focus on is your garage. If you are like most people, there is a great chance that your garage is full of things. Mostly, people dump all extra things in the garage, close the door, and forget about it.

So, when decluttering your interior space, you will also want to focus on clearing out your garage space. When clearing out your garage space, you will want to start by emptying the garage and placing everything in the driveway or lawn.

Then, make three piles of all things. The first pile is about the things that you will want to keep. The second pile is for sorting, and the last is for donating/ discarding. Subsequently, proceed to clean and wipe down the garage before placing everything back.

You will also want to assess the garage for cracks and repairs. If the garage door needs to be fixed, repaired, or changed, you might also want to do this.

You get the point – you will want to treat your garage as an essential part of your interior space and focus on decluttering it.

Analyze Your Accessories

We love having accessories around, such as mugs, photos, pillows, etc. But some of the accessories serve no purpose other than occupying the space. So, here is what you want to do – assess all accessories and see what you need and can donate.

Do you need that many mugs in your cupboard? You could also do well with one less cushion. As mentioned before – a decluttered living space is all about simplifying your living space.


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