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Effects Of Social Media On Teenagers

Social media platforms are becoming one of the favorite channels for teenagers to engage with people from their friend circle and beyond as well. These platforms allow people to share their regular posts from day-to-day life, and special moments and exchange ideas on several topics. It is a way of living for teenagers and even all age groups for more than two decades now. From Instagram captions, and videos to a number snapchat story games and Facebook live everything is very dear to people, especially teenagers. But there are some adverse effects of social media on teenagers apart from the benefits of these sites and today we will critically analyze the effects of social media on teenagers to know its drawbacks as well as benefits.

Positive effects of social platforms on teenagers

1. Make them aware of the latest happenings around

Social media is a platform where news and the latest happenings around the world get viral within minutes and thus it is the best source to keep in touch with the world. You do not need to glue your eyes on those lengthy articles which are not even interesting to read in news magazines and newspapers as social media serve as the best alternative for newspapers to teenagers in an interesting way.

2. They can learn about different cultures by interacting global user base

People learn and come across different cultures through social platforms when they interact with people from different terrorizes. So we can say that the cultural development of teenagers can be seen with the help of social media.

3. Enhance writing skills when they share written posts

In order to share something written in words like a success experience, emotional note or any announcement teenagers write by them only and this enhances their writing skills regularly. Today we hardly see people working on their vocabulary, writing skills, etc. and that is why social media helps in such age to build good writing skills in teenagers.

4. Make them more expressive

When teenagers express their emotions, ideas, and views on different things on social media, directly or indirectly they become more expressive towards things. It is very crucial to be able to express your ideas, and thoughts in a crisp way and social media makes them learn this.

5. Improvement of analytical skills

Social media also serve as a platform where people exchange their ideas on burning issues and thus help in developing analytical skills in teenagers. This is something marvelous that social media can teach teenagers through fun learning way.

Negative impacts of social sites on teenagers

1. Teenagers get addicted to social media

One of the highest drawbacks associated with social media is the addiction to these sites by teenagers. Teen years are the tender years of life and people should focus on their career in this golden period rather than getting addicted to such platforms as it hampers their career to a significant amount.

2. They get exposed to offensive content

When students are given the freedom to access social media platforms by parents they are exposed to offensive content on these sites apart from its good side. As a result of which certain things leave a deep scar on the cognitive development of child sometimes.

3. Cyber threats and calls

Cyber blackmailing by anti-social elements and threat calls are sometimes received by students and they fail to handle them aptly. As a result of which many teenagers become a victim of such things and sometimes undergo depression also.

4. Social media frauds that trap teenagers

There are money frauds to which teenagers can easily be dragged on social media. Sometimes such traps become very serious and many teenagers take suicide to get rid of them.

5. Their privacy is open to one and all

One of the biggest harm of using cloud of daggers 5e social media for teenagers is that they are revealing their personal life to others which can be dangerous sometimes. People can even track your movements through a location tracker which can prove really harmful for teenagers.

So these are the major positive and negative effects of social media that we can see on teenagers and how they affect their life as well.



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