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Effective Ways in Which You Can Treat Your Tennis Elbow

Most sports require athletes to extensively use their arms during activities such as exercising, partaking in the games, and many more. The repetitive arm movement can easily trigger tennis elbow due to the extensive use and overuse of muscles and tendons around the forearm and elbow joint. Tennis elbow can result in soreness and pain around the elbow, and the tendons can begin swelling, leading to excruciating pain. 

Tennis elbow mainly affects adults engaged in sports such as tennis, fencing, badminton, and golf. The most vulnerable age is 35 to 65. There are many remedies for dealing with the condition. Some are more effective, while others may take you a while. Here are some of the best remedies to deal with the situation. 

Taking Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory and steroids for pain 

Steroids are a good remedy for dealing with tennis elbow pain. Studies indicate that injecting steroids into the affected area can help you relieve pain for a short-term duration; however, the effects do not last long. However, you need to use the right steroids for the conditions; not all steroids will help you deal with the condition. You can buy steroids in Canada from legit pharmacies to help you deal with the situation. Remember, using the wrong steroid can lead to loss of skin pigmentation instead of helping you heal.  

If you need a long-term remedy for inflammation and pain, you should use Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs for pain. These drugs are suitable for dealing with long-term pains due to inflammations and speed healing. 

Organic remedies  

If you do not need any drugs to deal with the tennis elbow, you can use other organic remedies to deal with the situation. These remedies are homemade, and you can make them part of your diet to handle the condition. Turmeric contains curcumin, one of the anti-inflammatory agents, and can serve as a painkiller. It is also rich in anti-oxidants which can free up radicals that tend to worsen tennis elbow.  

You can also use ginger since t has similar properties as turmeric; however, you do not have to add it to tea to make it effective.  

Another good remedy is St. John’s wort. This organic remedy has analgesic properties, making it a good pain killer and healing areas with inflammations. You can use it on the affected area a few times daily until you get the desired results. You can also use garlic. You can either apply it to the affected area or eat raw garlic cloves to help with the condition. Other natural ingredients include Fenugreek, white willow bark, and comfrey leaves. 

 Contrast hydrotherapy 

This process refers to alternating hot and cold presses and massages on the affected area. You can either use a warm and cold towel or any clothing as long as you alternate the cold and warm presses. The hot or warm towel will improve blood flow in the affected area, while the cold towel will reduce any inflammations and swellings. You do not need an expert to do this; you can do it at home or ask someone to help. 

Wrap a warm water bottle in a thin towel and ensure the heat can be felt on the towel surface. Then wrap ice cubes on a thin towel and ensure you can feel the cold on the surface. Start by putting a hot towel on the affected area for about three minutes, then remove. Immediately place a cold towel on the affected area and repeat the process for about 15 to 20 minutes. You can use this remedy daily until the pain goes away. 


Massaging the affected area can also help you heal the tennis elbow. You can choose medical ointments or use organic oils to massage the affected area. You can use oils such as avocado and calendula oil. The role of the massage is to reduce inflammations in the affected area and help you deal with the pain. These oils have anti-inflammatory properties, making them ideal for soothing sore muscles and dealing with pain and inflammations.  

You can use the oil in the affected area and then massage your thumbs back and forth until the pain subsides. You can also use other massage techniques, such as long strokes, to remain gentle and not worsen the condition. You can massage the affected area two to three times daily until the pain disappears. 

Exercises during and after the recovery process 

While undergoing the treatment method, you can engage in specific exercises to help you deal with the pain. You can try simple stretch exercises to fasten the rehabilitation process. You can use an elbow brace to ensure the elbow hardly moves so that you heal without any disruptions. Always rest the arm above the heart and secure the arm. Do not engage in any activities during the recovery period. To fasten the recovery process, you can add some ingredients such as omega 3 fatty acids.  

After recovering, you need to warm up enough before returning to intense training or participating in the games. Suppose the case worsens; you need to avoid these activities and retain only the omega 3 fatty acids until the physician instructs you to resume.  


There are many ideal remedies for tennis elbow; however, it is advisable to use organic methods such as ginger, massages, turmeric, and contrast hydrotherapy. Do not use any remedies without talking to your physician. They may recommend procedures to speed the healing or other effective medications such as steroids.



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