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Easy Method to Fix SB001 Technical Error on Yono App

SBI Yono is the most trusted app for fund transfer. Nowadays, many people claim to face technical issues while accessing Yono apps. Not being able to transfer funds when we are in need is quite annoying. We will discuss here resolving some technical issue that shows as SB001 or M001 error

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Why is SIM Binding required?

SIM binding is needed when frauds are very active to hack the software. Then this binding is needed for safety protocol.

SBI verifies all its users through SIM binding in which the users get a message on their registered mobile no. to access yono app. The SBI server automatically determines whether your mobile number is matched or not. When there is a mismatch that occurs the transaction fails itself. 

Unable to Access YONO app while having an Internet banking

If you are a registered user of yono but are still unable to access it sometimes. It generally happens to new users. It may be because of faulty app installation. To avoid this, delete the older app and install the newer verified app. It may work properly.

How to fix SB001 Technical Glitch

Are you familiar with this sb001 technical error?

If not, no need to worry, we are going to let you know how to fix it 

If you face such a problem then  

  1. You can uninstall the older app and reinstall the latest version.
  2. If the official Yono app is not working you may use the SBI YONO Lite app.
  3. You have the option to use SBI internet banking for fund transfers.
  4. You may need to re-register, sometimes banking data may not get updated, at that time you need to register again to access SBI Yono app.

Final Word

We have tried to give you some possible ways to resolve this SBI001 technical glitch.

Hope you have got the relevant information.

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