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E-bike for women’s buying advice

You have carried out an e-bike women’s test, but can not yet decide on the right bike? That’s not a problem at all. In the following overview,hover-1 android app we will once again show you all the criteria and features that are of important importance in a purchase decision. Thus, you know whether you should opt for an electric bike for women, for example.

• Riding comfort

• Battery capacity

• Power in watts

• Max speed in km/h

• Maximum range in km

• Shifting

• Hydraulic disc brakes

• with starting aid

• Wheel and frame size in inches/cm (e.B. e-bike ladies 28 inches, 50 cm)

• Weight in kg

• Max. rider weight in kg

• incl. LCD display

• any design (e.B. retro e-bike ladies)

What does pedelec mean?

The term pedelec is the abbreviation for “Pedal Electric Cycle”. This is clearly the synonym for electric bike or e-bike, which supports the rider by means of a motor during the pedaling movement.

Comparison of the front, medium, and rear engines

Manufacturers such as Bosch produce batteries and electric motors. A distinction is made between three different types of motors, which we would now like to discuss briefly.

The front-engine is located on the front wheel and is installed less and less often over time. The reason for this is the possible breakout of the wheel. Especially on damp and winding roads, there is a risk of getting off the road.

The e-bike women’s mid-motor is also known as a bottom bracket motor and is very robust. In addition, it has a fixed and medium center of gravity, which is an additional advantage. Neither the front nor the rear wheel is too heavily loaded, which is why you are the safest on the road.

A rear-engine is characterized above all by its high power and performance, which is why it is often installed in sporty bicycles such as a Cube e-bike ladies. The rear wheel is more loaded because there is more weight here. This can be a disadvantage if you ride a lot off-road and downhill.

Weight of a women’s e-bike

Even if an electric bike for women is still so beautiful and you can ride a lot with it, some models have a proud weight. The majority of e-bikes weigh between 25 and 29 kilograms and are therefore anything but light. The extra weight is mainly ensured by the battery, motor, and frame made of aluminum. If you want it a lot lighter, you can alternatively opt for carbon. But these models are also a lot more expensive.

Proper care of an e-bike for women

An e-bike should also be checked at regular intervals. These include points such as the brakes, the air pressure, and the lubrication of the chain. But also the tire tread should be checked so that you always have a grip on the road and can not slip away.

Remove the e-bike battery when you are not riding and place it in a dry place. It is also best located in a bicycle protective cover that protects against frost and moisture. best logboards for kids and teens the optimum temperature here is between 10° and 40° C. In order to increase the service life of the battery, it should also be charged at regular intervals, even if it is not completely empty.
Tip: You want to have full control and know how much capacity is left around the battery? Then opt for an e-bike that has an LCD display. The current remaining battery capacity is constantly displayed here.



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