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Drunk driving case how to avoid imprisonment

When people get arrested for a DUI case, they are put into the dilemma of what to do next and how to deal with the scenario. Most arrestees remain unaware of their legal rights, so they are being handcuffed and taken to jail. They are being evaluated and questioned without any counter-questions about their rights. Phoenix criminal defense lawyer suggests different ways by which you will be able to avoid imprisonment for drunk driving.

Steps to Take After Release

After getting out of jail, you should protect your right to drive. A legal appeal should be submitted to the administrative body for the license revocation. This appeal helps you in keeping your driving rights alive. Some states also demand installing the ignition interlock device as one of the conditions for letting to drive.

Appeal for the Driver’s License 

You should appeal to get the driver’s license as soon as you return from jail. The appeal letter has a time limit, and you should abide by that. Most states accept the appeal within 5 to 30 days after the accident, and if you do not appeal within them, getting your license back will be a difficult task. As this is a very important step, you should not keep it pending till the last date for the appeal.

Ask Your Lawyer About Breathalyzer

If you have a breath test showing that you are drunk, your lawyer should be able to defend the results of the breath machine. When the bench trial or the trial with non-jury options is available, Tempe Criminal attorney must know the different ways of neutralizing the evidence.

Coordinate with popular Analysts

When popular analysts examine the accident scene, you should coordinate with them. They will be looking for the causes of your arrest and will try negating them.

Videotape Evidence when Possible

The police may not have the videotape evidence. But if the DUI lawyers search for the tape from the office or the building near the accident spot, it will create a strong defense.

Legality of the Encounter

The legality of the police encounter should be checked thoroughly if your car remains parked in the parking lot with your engine off. You may be sleeping it off while keeping your engine stopped.

All the Breath Test Machines are the Same?

All the breathalyzers are not the same, and different brands may show different technology. Though the machines’ aim remains the same, the technology and the processes are different. The machines test the alcohol level in the breath, and if you are drunk, you will get caught. It is important when the test is taken; therefore, the time in the machine is very important as proof.


Phoenix criminal defense lawyer suggests different ways so that you are not imprisoned for drinking and driving. Although these actions are not validated and are illegal in the eyes of laws, you must know how to encounter such incidents. When you are unaware of your legal rights, it is always advisable that you take professional advice from DUI lawyers.

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