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Download MovieBox Pro for iOS Version

Late November 2018 saw a stoppage for MovieBox. Though the closure of MovieBox for iOS was rumored, it had not yet been confirmed. On December 5, it was reported that ShowBox, the Android version of MovieBox, which had also been down for days, was back online. Users anticipated that MovieBox would return soon, but the problem with it still not working exists as of right now.

Despite the bad news, MovieBox is one of the best programs for streaming movies and TV shows for free. It is adored for the constantly updated database gathering a significant amount of resources. As a result, some people continue to attempt to download MovieBox while they wait for its return.

On iOS, MovieBox is still available for download

Due to malfunction reports, some of you may mistake MovieBox for being inaccessible and look for a substitute. Actually, you can still download it. There are numerous ways to download MovieBox Pro for iOS. The two most popular methods for downloading and installing MovieBox on an iPhone or iPad are listed below.

On iOS, how to download MovieBox?

Installing MovieBox on an iPhone or iPad using third-party software

There are many third-party stores that compile a huge selection of apps not found on the App Store. Through those stores, you can download and set up MovieBox on iOS without a jailbreak.

Download TweakBox and MovieBox

Step 1: Launch Safari and go to tweakbox.com.
Step 2: Select “Install Now” from the menu.
Step 3: When the message asks you to open Settings, click “Allow.”
Step 4: The Install Profile page will be redirected to you. Click “Install.” To continue, enter the passcode after that.
Step 5: Then, tap “Done” to complete the process.
Step 6: Launch Tweakbox on your iPad or iPhone.
Step 7: Tap “Apps” and look up MovieBox.
Step 8: Tap MovieBox and then select “Install.”
Step 9: In order to use MovieBox normally after it has been installed, you must trust the certificate. Activate Profiles & Device Management under Settings > General. Open the MovieBox developer profile by searching for it. Tap “Trust” once more to confirm.


Get MovieBox through TutuApp

Step 1: Install TutuApp on your iOS device.

Launch Safari and go to tutuapp.vip. On the page, click the “Install Now” button. On the pop-up, click “Install.” You will soon be able to add TutuApp to your home screen. The developer should be trusted next. Activate Profiles & Device Management under Settings > General. To trust TutuApp, tap on their profile. On the pop-up, click “Trust” one more time. Start TutuApp now.

Step 2: Install MovieBox on iOS.

In TutuApp, type “MovieBox” to find it. For MovieBox to download, click “Get.” After that, click “Install” on the following prompt. MovieBox will soon be available on the Home Screen of your iPhone or iPad.



I’m assuming you now know about moviebox pro; if so, please tell your family and friends about it and leave a comment below.

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