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Do you need to replace dental implants? 

If you are looking for a teeth replacement alternative, there is no doubt that you must have heard about dental implants. The growing success rate of dental implants and their demand needs your attention. Remember that it is one of the most reliable tooth replacement solutions grabbing mass attention. But do you need to replace them? If so, what will be the frequency? Remember that you have to make an informed decision that will happen only when you have the information in hand. The team of experts is here to provide detailed answers to all your questions related to dental implants.

  • Dental implant anatomy

Before exploring the lifespan of dental implants, you must look at how the implants work. There are three components, which include the following:

  •   Implant post:The implant post is the dental implant. The surgical-level titanium. These are placed directly on the jawbone and fuse with the tissue. The procedure is called osseointegration.
  •   Abutment: After the implant heels, another layer get added. The connector extends beyond your gum line and works as an anchor for restoration.
  •   Dental crown: When you see the anchor in place, the crown may get added. It may get bonded in place by using dental cement or attached by using screw retention.

It is significant to understand that these components make up the dental implant.

  • Dental implants: life span

Dental implants may last longer when you go for a check-up and proper hygiene. They also last for a lifetime. The crown fixed with the implant requires replacement every 15 to 20 years. However, they may last for decades in a few cases. Compared to other surgical options, cosmetic dentistry services near me are cost-effective and non-invasive. However, there are upfront costs associated and the fact that these last for long is the reason behind their popularity. It helps you get all the benefits of natural teeth compared to dentures and bridges. It saves you from tremendous expenses of money, time, and tension.

  • Maintain dental implants

Fortunately, maintenance of dental implants does not require any specific care. A few significant tricks and tips will help keep the implant in proper condition. These are listed below:

  •   Brush twice daily: If you have a minimum understanding of oral health, you will understand the significance of regular brushing. Regular brushing twice every day improves oral health. It helps remove tartar, plaque, and other debris. Moreover, it gives you good breath and reduces the chances of oral diseases.
  •   Floss regularly:Regular flossing is another significant aspect you cannot miss. It is substantial for removing bacteria in food particles from in between the teeth. You can speak to your dentist about flossing techniques and tools to keep the implant healthy and clean.
  •   Use antibacterial mouthwash: When you combine antibacterial mouthwash with regular flossing and brushing, the overall results will amaze you. It reduces gingivitis and cavities; you must choose these mouthwashes over other alternatives.
  •   Visit the dentist regularly: Various individuals maintain oral hygiene when they make it a point to visit the dentist once every six months. Some also require frequent visits, but that will depend mostly on your oral health and gum condition. If you suffer from intense gum disease and dental decay, you must reach out to your dentist and understand your oral health.

When you are consistent with regular maintenance, you can expect your dental implants to last long. Remember that it all depends on your hard work and effort.

  • Why do dental implants fail? 

Although dental implants are reliable and long-lasting methods, they might fail. There are a few risk factors that may cause the implant to fail. These are listed below:

  •   Gum disease:Dental implants resist decay and gum diseases but are vulnerable to gingivitis. It’s the reason why dental cleaning is essential.
  •   Diabetes: Dental implants are a viable option for individuals enduring diabetes. Remember that if diabetes is under control, things will not be that severe. Thus, it may become complex if your diabetes goes out of control.
  •   Cancer: Radiation, chemotherapy, and other immunosuppressive chemicals may negatively impact dental implants. Thus, in these conditions, dental implants will fail.

When you discuss your case with the dentist, you must understand the vulnerabilities associated with this and the proper care with related suggestions.

  • Why go for dental implants? 

Now you know so much about dental implants and oral health in detail, it’s time to understand what makes it the best alternative to other options. Remember that dental implants do not require any preparation and maintenance. Hence, it is one of the best teeth replacement options for which you have to schedule an appointment with the dentist. When you reach out to your dentist, you must discuss your case in detail and try to figure out the current situation of your oral health.

You are all set for the dental implant procedure. Dental implants are the most promising option to improve your appearance, speech, and self-esteem. Remember that people with poor dialogue delivery also suffer from reduced self-esteem. It’s because they are conscious of their smile and teeth. Dental implants help you speak without that worry and keep your self-esteem in proper form.

Along with this, it makes eating more accessible and improves your oral health. These do not require the reduction of other teeth or supportive bridges. It’s the reason why dental implants are a non-invasive method that improves your oral health in the long run.

Individuals who opt for this option take a step toward improving their oral health and maintaining a healthy and happy life. Removing dentures and dealing with bridges is not that easy. Hence, dental implants add to your convenience and do not make the process messy. The fact that these do not require much maintenance is also a reason behind their higher demand.

Considering the goodness of dental implants, it’s better not to waste time. It will help if you reach out to your dentist as early as possible because that is a step towards healthy teeth and gums.

Remember that regular dental visits are necessary if you are committed to decent oral hygiene. Along with this, you must make essential changes in your lifestyle, like quitting smoking, alcohol, and having an unhealthy lifestyle. Hence, when you step towards your well-being, you provide yourself with mental peace.



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