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Do I need a passport to travel Australia?

All guests need a passport for international trips, regardless of your destination. When traveling to Australia, you are required to have a passport that applies at the time of arrival. If you haven’t applied for your passport, set it well before your departure date. Always check your passport valid, because some countries require passports to apply for a certain period outside of your visit.

For most countries, original passports and applications with your signature must be submitted to apply for a travel visa. However, there are some exceptions. Please visit the visa section of our website to see travel visa requirements for your specific purposes.

Most countries require that passports are valid for at least six months outside of travel completion. If your passport expires faster than that, you must apply for an application for passport renewal. Please see the visa section to determine how long the passport must apply to each certain travel country.

Passports must have enough empty pages to accommodate immigration stamps in and out for each country. At least one page visa on your passport is needed for each visa. Most of the travel visas labeled to your passport needs the entire empty visa page.

The identification you need depends on whether you fly domestically or internationally. When you travel with Jet s tar domestic flights, you might need to show photography identification, but in most cases you don’t need to show a passport. For more information see:

  • Travel identification – domestic flights in Australia and New Zealand
  • Travel Identification – Domestic flights in Australia depart from the International Terminal
  • Travel Identification – Domestic Flights in Japan
  • You will always need your passport for international flights and you might also need other documents.
  • Travel Identification – International Flights

There are special requirements for traveling to and from the United States and for young passengers who travel alone. Passport renewal is best to start a new journey.



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