2022 has just begun but for some months we have been talking about what will be the new trends in the digital sector , now in constant growth. From Social Media Management to web marketing, to get to Content Creation, there are many trends that should take hold starting from these weeks and that should accompany us at least until the end of the year.

Let’s find out some of them together.

  • The importance of mobile: it is almost taken for granted, since for some time there has been talk of the need to adapt sites and platforms to the experience on mobile devices, but 2017 will also confirm this trend. In fact, more and more users are connected to the network via smartphones and tablets, and not adapting to this kind of trend means, for companies, depriving themselves of the possibility of being easily reached by an increasingly important and increasingly loaded slice of the market. expectations in terms of user experience.
  • The immersive marketing experience: the success of content marketing is now confirmed, designed to offer users informative and entertaining content but which, tragically, often translates into hasty and superficial productions put online with the sole aim of creating volume. Competition, however, is now inflaming and translates into the continuous creation of new methods to create engagement with the public, expressed with various technologies capable of conveying them. Both Facebook and YouTube have introduced 360-degree videos, and some brands have already started experimenting with the format to offer an innovative and interesting experience: these are giants such as Pokemon Go, Pepsi, the Art Institute of Chicago and Airbnb. Of course, not all campaigns are good for all brands, and this strategy may not turn out to be universal. however, it is inevitable to think that marketers will exploit it starting this year. Part of immersive marketing is, of course, also occupied by live videos.
  • It is useless to ignore (again) Big Data: it has been talked about for some years now and their presence and importance in digital and strategic marketing plans is increasingly established. There are various market researches that claim that the Big Data market will undergo an impressive increase from this year to the next: from 1.7 billion dollars in 2016 to 9.4 billion dollars by 2020. While Businesses mature and implement new roles and new structures, Big Data will become more and more useful and used.
  • Personalized and personalizing experiences: by tying ourselves to the previous point, we can argue that Big Data – in their infinite uses – also play an important role in defining a personalized customer experience, as well as in the structuring of a marketing completely shaped on the target. Examples already in the running are represented by giants such as Spotify, Netflix and Amazon, constantly oriented towards one-to-one marketing, which will offer, over time, guarantees of an increasingly better investment-earnings ratio.
  • The return of native advertising: this is a contextual advertising method that involves the hybridization of content and advertisements within the editorial context in which they are positioned, and with a clear indication of the sponsor. Native advertising is, in some ways, an almost obligatory return to origins and its prominence could be significant in 2017, especially due to the decrease in the penetration of Ads given by the many blocking plugins, by a reduced organic search on social media and from the steady decline of banner ads.

Bottom line, adaptability in 2017 will be more vital than ever to a company’s success – like it or not, changes happen and what companies can do is ride the wave and get the best of it.

Let’s think, for example, of the role that cloud computing played in 2016 . The bottom line is that modern businesses are successful when they are able to adapt to market and public movements , incorporating new technologies into corporate culture and normal day-to-day operations.

Finally, remember that digital transformation is not just about technology, but also the ability to associate its power with a culture that embraces the change that affects companies.W MARKETING TRENDS BE? | NAXA

Credit: NewsWi9.com



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