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Difference between News and Marketing

News is good for business, even though we are now inundated with stories, pictures, and events from around the world.

Most people are glued to their screens or electronic devices, ready to access information at the drop of a hat, and from every angle imaginable. News outlets’ online feeds keep us in touch with the latest news, while professional journalists give us critical information we need to stay on top of our business.

What does “news” mean?

Today’s word “news” is not just defined by journalism or written by the press but is often used as an adjective. There are many media forms such as publishing, television, radio, video, and more. All of these forms of news and information are often bundled together as a package called “news.”

Like all other articles published online, news can be available for free or be purchased on a regular basis. Most content is non-paid, with other forms of media paying the costs.

As always, it’s important to know what you want from your online news source. Do you want more than just text or just news? Ask your media source how they want you to engage with them. If it’s news, how much and what kind of news?

If you are looking for more than just news, you may want to add news links to your websites or Facebook pages.

What types of news content do you see when you click on the links?

Perhaps you’ve seen a blog post you really like. Maybe you’ve read about a life changing event or found a great deal. When you click on the link, you don’t know if it’s news or entertainment, but you just can’t resist!

How do you distinguish news from other forms of content?

News that directly impacts our lives are news you want to share with your friends and colleagues. But, you want the content to be accurate and honest. Ask your media source if you can connect with them on a personal basis. Consider these questions:

Marketing, by definition, is doing something that’s intended to benefit a specific group of people. Marketers find ways to enhance people’s lives, their understanding of the world, and their relationships. Marketing is mostly about interaction between people and products. News outlets don’t promote their own products.

How are you defining marketing and news?

Are you going to send an e-newsletter to your customers to ask them to opt in to new offers or products?

Are you going to use their information to market to others?

The beauty of marketing is that you are changing people’s lives and business practices for the better. That’s why so many of us turn to the media.

What type of news are you watching?

When I think of news, I also think of social media. Many people use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to share what’s happening in their world and what they’re doing. While it’s natural to want to share important information with friends and family, don’t forget that you may be able to reach a much larger audience, and use their own social networks.

Perhaps you’re one of the millions watching the Syrian refugee crisis unfold on your phone or laptop. Maybe it’s the latest executive’s rant. We’re all a part of this global community. It’s not all about what’s happening in the United States or Canada, and that’s a good thing.

Does your media source focus on local events, or does it look at what’s happening around the world?

Sometimes you can’t help but “go global” and want to know what’s happening around the world. It can be a great way to get an idea of what life is like in a country you’d like to visit.

Which local stories are you watching?

Watching what is happening around the world is an important aspect of being a good steward of the environment and the air we breathe. Your media source may want to show you what actions are being taken to address climate change or what local communities are doing to protect their environment.


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