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Destructive Chewing in Cats How to Stop It

Behind every cat’s behavior is a cause, and knowing the basic cat behavior could save you a good amount of energy and time when your cat scratches at your furniture or carpets, and also your patience.

Before you begin trying to stop your cat from scratching, you need to know the reason cats scratch, and the reason why this is essential to their overall well-being and happiness.

Why Do Cats Need to Scratch

Doctor. Leslie Sinn, CPDT-KA, DVM, and founder of Behavior Solutions for Pets, describes it this way “Scratching is typical behavior for cats. Birds Of South Carolina It is a way for them to stretch their bodies and also to keep their claws in place (in preparation to hunt).

The vigorous scratching can help to remove the old nail covers and reveal the new growth beneath and can also be used by cats to mark their territory.” Professor. Sinn adds that it is only when cats scratch our furniture that we consider it as destructive.

Why is this important

Scratching is a normal and healthy behaviour for cats So you must consider redirectingthe behavior, not seeking to stopthe behavior. Lisa Stemcosky, CCBC, CPD-KA, SBA the creator of Pawlitically Correct an organization that focuses on behavioral modification and training company is well-known for her work with the shelter animals. She describes it as follows,

“Cats aren’t intending to cause harm when they’re scratching things in the home. Scratching is a natural behavior for cats. They have to perform it. There are many reasons why cats scratch. It is a way to groom the claws, mark territory , both visually as well as with scent when they are exuberant and stressed.”Destructive Chewing in Cats How to Stop It

Redirecting the Behavior

Stemcosky says, “First, you’ll want to make areas you don’t want your cat to scratch unattractive. For instance, if you notice that your cat has been scratching at your sofa, you could put foil on the area is being scratched.

However, you must provide scratching surfaces that are suitable for the area that your cat is scratching. The results of a investigation revealed that cats like the height of a sturdy, tall post that is covered with sisal.can cats eat mango Apart from providing cats with a suitable scratching surface and be sure to reward them for their use by giving them a delicious treat whenever you observe them exploring the surface or scratch it.”

Scratchers for cats are fantastic to provide your cat with the right place for scratching. It might take some trial and error to discover a scratcher that is compatible with the scratching style of your cat however, here are some ideas to begin:

The Dangers of Deterrents and Declawing

Declawing refers to the cutting of a portion of a cat’s toes. It is illegal in many cities across the country, and has an overwhelming support from the animal rights community. The cat loses the ability to climb, and to defend itself, and may result in chronic pain and behavior changes. Many rescue centers include a no-declaw provision in their adoption agreements. Before you consider this drastic procedure talk to your veterinarian about safer alternatives.

Each both Dr. Sinn and Stemcosky recommend against sprays for cat deterrents. Stemcosky says, “I never recommend using (deterrents) such as canned air or a spray bottle , to discipline a cat to do something. It’s better to show the cat what you want to accomplish and how. Regarding pheromone sprays studies have shown 50-50 of their effectiveness. They won’t harm anything however, you might not receive the results you had hoped for.”



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