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Custom Cigarette Packaging and the Illusion of Choice

Whether you’re a smoker or not, the branding of cigarettes is a well-crafted industry! From Custom Cigarette Packaging to advertisements and even tobacco vending machines, the industry’s primary goal is to appeal to you based on your emotions and feelings. However, beyond what you might perceive as aesthetically pleasing — with their fancy fonts and colors — the tobacco industry has also taken advantage of your sense of choice when purchasing their products.

The Illusion of Choice

In a world where customers are offered endless options, the illusion of choice is everywhere. Custom cigarette packaging is just one example.

Customers can choose from various colors and designs, including plain silver to butterfly-themed designs. They can also pick between different tins, boxes, and paper types for their cigarettes. With so many options available, customers might think they have control over how their cigarettes look and feel. However, this is not the case.

In reality, customers only have limited choices when it comes to cigarette packaging. For example, if you are trying to sell your product in an area where cigarettes are illegal or heavily regulated by the government, your options will be pretty limited. You may also be limited if you want your product to appeal specifically to a certain demographic group, such as teenagers or women who smoke socially but do not want others to know about their habit (i.e., hiding their addiction).

With so many options available today — including colors like teal blue and purple — it seems like there should be more opportunities for people looking for something different than what’s currently out there on the market today; however.

Custom Cigarette Packaging – Marketing as Addiction

Marketing is an addiction, and it’s the most dangerous kind of addiction because it’s the one we can’t see. But what if we could see it? We don’t know that our favorite brands are slowly taking over our lives and making us slaves to their products.

Imagine a world where every product you buy—from clothes to food to gadgets—comes in packaging that reflects its contents. And imagine each package has a warning label: “This product will make you feel good about yourself.”

You’d be able to see that when you buy food from Chipotle, the package tells you: “This food will make you feel like an adventurous eater.” Or when you get your clothes at Old Navy, they say: “This clothing makes you look like a hipster.”

Similarly, in this world, cigarette marketing becomes visible as an addictive substance and allows us all to make informed decisions about how much we want to be influenced by brands.

The Power of Branding

Cigarette packaging is a powerful tool for marketing cigarettes. It can influence how people perceive the product, think about it, and even feel about it.

The first thing that you notice about cigarette packaging is the logo. Logos create an emotional connection between the consumer and the brand. They make you feel something when you see them, whether positive or negative.

When you see a logo, your brain instantly connects the image and what it represents. The brain doesn’t need much time to process this information because it has been trained over years of exposure to recognize certain logos from certain brands. This is called “perceptual fluency”. Perceptual fluency means that when you see something familiar, like a logo, your brain processes it faster than other things—like new information or strange things. When perceptual fluency works in favor of a brand, such as when it makes you think about how much you enjoy smoking cigarettes (or eating McDonald’s), then we say that this logo has “brand salience.”

The Different Forms of Kraft Cigarette Boxes

Custom cigarette packaging is a way of marketing cigarettes, and it’s important to understand the different forms of custom cigarette packaging so you can make an informed choice.

There are four main types of Kraft Cigarette Boxes:

Standard Packs

These are most people see in stores. They’re the standard size and shape and come with 20 cigarettes per pack. They look like any other pack—you can even have your logo on them if you want!

Customized Packs

These are smaller than standard packs but come with only 20 cigarettes per pack. They’re great for small businesses that want to get their name out without spending too much on advertising!

Maxi Packs

Maxi packs are bigger than standard or customized packs, meaning they hold more cigarettes (30 per pack). This makes them ideal for smokers who like to buy in bulk!

Super Maxi Packs

Super maxi packs are even bigger than maxi packs! Each one holds 50 cigarettes instead of 30, making them perfect for heavy smokers who want a good deal on their favorite brand of cigarettes.

Other Important Elements of the Custom Cigarette Packaging

Other elements that help you create a custom cigarette package include the following:

  1. The box size fits any cigarette and any number of packs inside it.
  2. The color of the box depends on what brand you want to present.
  3. The graphics on the front and back of the box are also customizable, so you can make them reflect your brand’s identity in a way that will stand out in your customers’ minds.


Although cigarette companies are no strangers to pushing the envelope with their Custom Cigarette Packaging, by and large, they have relied on tried and true formats such as the marque and booklet style pack. These formats have stayed consistent for so long that it’s hard to imagine them any other way. But when we consider that all cigarettes fall under the same regulatory laws, we can begin to appreciate the illusion of choice inherent in standard packaging. In an age where products are sell in various shapes and forms, standardization is all the more impressive—and necessary. Allow the presence or absence of single elements to influence a smoker’s decision. On which tobacco product to consume could lead down a dangerous path!



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