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Printed cardboard boxes is an old marketing tool, but why is it impressive?

Cardboard boxes are a fine solution to meet all your packaging needs. They come in a plethora of different designs, shapes, and sizes. There is no limit to the extent of their customization, and one can avail them with multiple add-ons and custom options. Whether it is the product protection or presentation that you worry about, these packages are a perfect remedy. They have a higher flexural strength and come with an added benefit of smooth and even texture. You can add as many printing effects and finishes over their surface as you want in order to ramp up the visual display of your items.

Cardboard boxes are often considered an afterthought and less significant aspect of the marketing plan. If you are doing the same, you are committing a potentially big and costly mistake. The use of these state-of-the-art packaging solutions is a prerequisite to increasing your approach to marketing, brand awareness, buyers’ journey, and overall experience of the people. Of all the promotional means or tools available today, these boxes are the most rewarding and available on a limited budget. That is why brand marketing is becoming easy even for the budget-strapped businesses that used to struggle before. After going through this article, you will better understand why it is pertinent to use these packaging boxes in brand promotion and advertising.

Cardboard boxes are marketing billboards:

Think about the last time you walked into a brick-and-mortar store and purchased something that you did not plan. Can you recall the factors responsible for indulging you in the sale of that product? Of course, the packaging design would be the sole reason why you picked up that item. This explains the significance of custom cardboard boxes well. They influence the potential clients to buy a product they had never heard of before and had no intention of purchasing at all.

As a brand, you can customize these exquisite packaging solutions with vivid and contrasting colors as well as catchy product descriptions. When designed right, they act as a tiny billboard in the store where your potential clients may be walking on a daily or weekly basis. They look as good as the brochures and provide a high-end value to the target audience, which builds their interest in your products.

Integrate well with digital marketing:

The concept of augmented reality packaging is receiving huge attention in the market. The sole reason behind it is that this kind of packaging proves instrumental in growing the overall sales of a business. Just like this, custom packaging can also integrate well with the digital landscape of your brand as well as those of your potential clients. It comes with a printable texture which allows you to print it with high-tech QR codes. These codes can be linked to the main website of your business. And through its strategic use, you can introduce exclusive offers and special discounts to entice the target audience. Apart from that, you can think of linking these codes with the branding message or overall brand story as well. All in all, custom printed boxes integrate well with digital marketing and user experiences. This phenomenon proves fundamental in growing your brand’s popularity.

Potential to reach target client base:

Although there is a plethora of different marketing and promotional means, they do not guarantee you to reach 100% of the target client base. Take an example of digital media marketing. It is easy for social media users to skip or fast-forward this kind of promotion. So, how can you rely on such marketing mean that one can easily avoid? Custom boxes are the only practical marketing means that can assure you complete success. They are the most uninterrupted form of brand marketing that cannot be avoided. The potential target audience has to go through these packages prior to putting their hands on the products inside. These packaging boxes can carry the most important information regarding your brands, such as its story, values, and overall theme. Such details tend to stay in the minds of the captive audience, which influence them in their future buying decisions.

Cost-savvy promotion through cardboard boxes:

The cost of marketing and advertising the brand is not affordable for all. Digital marketing means have become so expensive. Brands have to allocate half of their budget for advertising and promotional matters. In this expensive world of business promotion, custom cardboard boxes are a viable solution. They are already less costly, and printing increases the total packaging costs by only 5 to 7%. The details printed on them, like the corporate logo and other such signature elements, go a long way in promoting your brand to the world.

Highlight corporate social responsibility:

Another reason why custom boxes are the most impressive marketing tools lies in their eco-friendly nature. Their processing involves the utilization of pure organic materials that are easy to degrade, reuse, and recycle. Apart from that, the printing inks used in their design are also in line with the global green standards. Thus, these packages are perfectly good for the surroundings as they do not generate any kind of waste or pollution. Potential clients tend to always incline toward products that come in such sort of creative packaging solutions. Not just that, these boxes also highlight the corporate social responsibility which grows your brand reputation all across the market.

Cardboard boxes play a decisive role in growing the reach of your business in the market by promoting your goodwill. All you need to do is to choose the proper packaging material and design and make sure they portray the story of your brand. This way, they build a better understanding of your business and its products in the minds of the target audience. If you are not sure how to integrate these packaging boxes with marketing, you can consider reaching out to some packaging experts. Perfect integration with marketing would do wonders for your business in terms of more customer loyalty and product sales.



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