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Master The Art of Customized Packaging with These 8 Super Cool Tips!

Custom Boxes – Customised packaging is the future. It’s not a secret that customisation increases conversion rates, and more people wish for personalisation online. Whereas for many products, customising just means picking the product before it gets bagged or boxed with a fancy sticker, many products are regularly overlooked for this opportunity to dazzle your customers.

I’m sure you can think back to the last time you had a great, personalised gift. Everything from the size, to the design and quality, shows that someone put a lot of thought into getting a gift just for you. It’s not that hard to do with all the products we have on the market today. There are many ways custom boxes can help your business grow and create more relationships with clients.

Most people will be thrilled if you offer them something customised. They will feel like you took the time to learn about them and their preferences, and they will be more likely to remember you later on when they’re ready to buy from you again. But how do you make sure that your packaging is customised but still professional? That is why in this article we will talk about the art of customised packaging:

Holographic Boxes:

Holographic boxes have always been associated with the luxurious packaging of expensive jewellery and other works of art. However, this does not have to be the case! Over time, holographic packaging has evolved from being a premium packaging material into being a tool for creating customised packaging. Companies are now utilising holographic boxes for a variety of purposes including as marketing tools.

These custom boxes can be made relatively inexpensively if you know where to source your supplies. Holographic paper is available at any office supply store and can be ordered online as well.

Drawstring Boxes:

Drawstring boxes are a great way to include an element of surprise in your packaging, whether you’re sending a gift or just putting together a care package for yourself. Their versatility is practically endless: If you include anything in the drawstring of custom printed boxes from jewellery to stationery to small food items, you’ll be able to enjoy the anticipation of your recipient opening it up over and over again.

When you’re putting together customised packaging on a budget, the drawstring boxes are an easy yet thoughtful way to package your items so they look like they came straight from the store display case. You can go as simple or elaborate as you like, and they’re even ideal for any sort of DIY project.

Gold Stamping on Custom Boxes:

If you’re having a hard time putting a gift for a friend, it might be time to consider customising the packaging. Golestan big is an easy way to make sure your design makes an impression on the recipient, and it gives you something you need to look forward to when you open the box. Gold stampings are also surprisingly affordable and simple, so once you’ve got your hands on some gold foil and a stamp, you’re ready to create a beautiful gift for everyone you know.

Customised Window Cutouts:

A lot of people think that the only way to ensure a customer gets exactly what they want is by using custom packaging. The truth is there are many instances where custom box wholesale may be overkill and end up costing a lot of money.

One of the best ways to avoid spending more than you need to on customised packaging is by using customised window cutouts. Moreover, they can serve as a great tool for both marketing and protection.


Foil stamping is one of the most versatile techniques in the world of packaging. While it’s often associate with wine bottles, it can be use to brand anything, including bespoke boxes, jars, and cans. While it is generally think of as a way to put a unique personal touch on your products, it’s also a great way to protect your items from damage during shipping or storage.


Embossing is the process of taking a metal stamp and pressing it into paper, card stock, plastic, custom boxes or other material. The resulting design is raise from the surface and looks like it was make from an engraved printing press—but without all the fuss and money require for such a high-quality result.

With embossing, you can add texture or even some visual interest to otherwise plain and simple packaging. For example, foils can be apply to give your item a metallic look(which also makes it look more expensive). Or if you want something that’s not quite so pronounce but still has some visual impact. Then gold foil with black ink may do the trick.

Unique Shapes in Custom Boxes:

Packaging indeed is one of the most important design elements in the overall presentation of a product. And the best way to make it Pop? Use a unique shape!

While the world of packaging has been dominate by basic shapes –– the box, the tube. And the cylinder –– you can develop a unique shape that can give your product an added touch of personality. Using a modified hexagonal prism shape. This method of packaging creates unusual angles to attract attention and make a visual impact on consumers.

Add A Pop of Colour:

There are a lot of ways to customise your packaging, but the easiest way is to add colour. Colour is not only a design element that can be use to make your packaging look. More professional but it can also be use as an important function in your packaging.

Colour coding is useful for customers looking to find products they want. Or to see if a product’s ingredients are healthy. It can also help customers pick out their favourite products without having to read the labels or try them all.


In summary, The trend is growing, regardless of whether custom packaging. Is a new initiative or an establish part of your company identity. Customised packaging allows customers to feel better about the purchase and provide a memorable reminder of your brand. There are plenty of reasons to dry custom packaging for your business. Not least of which has been to keep up with trends. Moreover, The future of packaging is all about customisation and the ability to make the barcode stand out from everything else!



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