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Crack Monitors – Foundation Crack Repairing

There are three guarantees in solid business:

  1. It won’t be easy
  2. Once it becomes difficult, it will not be stolen
  3. It will break

While there is nothing negative about the first two concrete guarantees, the third is often a source of concern and, for many contractors, a source of income. Diagnosing and  Foundation crack repairing these cracks is an art and a science. Experimental and visual assessment is the art of crack investigation that guides the Foundation’s experts toward repair solutions. The science of cracking diagnostics requires evidence and documentation to support art.

Once the foundation crack has been identified due to settlement, lifting, bending, or other force, the next step is to determine if the crack is growing or stopped. The seasons of the year will determine part of this as there will be noticeable changes in the overall moisture content of the surrounding soil. If you are in a dry or wet period (more than a year) or if an external effect has changed (water pipe leakage). It is the job of the Creek Monitor to determine the progress of the Foundation’s crack.

What are crack monitors?

Crack monitors are devices that record the movement of each side of a visual crack. Crack gauges determine the size of the crack. The diagnostic criteria for IBC and IRC is .064. This means that if the crack is smaller than .064 “, the crack will not allow water to penetrate and will not cause concern for the structure’s overall stability at that time. If the crack is large and the Foundation is cracked, the cause of the problem is workable and requires diagnosis and monitoring. An explosion is defined as a crack penetrating both sides of the foundation element. Crack Monitor Time to help determine the nature of structural problems. Examine the movement across fissures or eruptions over some time.

Principle and working

Crack monitors consist of two overlapping acrylic plates. One plate is marked with a millimeter grid, and the other is centered on the grid with crosshairs. Once installed, any movement can be easily viewed and recorded on each monitor’s crack progress chart.

Crack monitors can be used to determine if existing cracks are stable or are still experiencing movement with a record of this movement so that repair methods can be proven. The structure owner can be reassured with proof of mobility and non-mobility before or after the repair is completed. Evidence of immobility can be significant in removing unfounded visual or mental doubts.

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