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Content Asset in Digital Marketing

How many times in your life have you watched a movie you did not like but a spellbound star cast with strong marketing persuaded you to buy into it. Maybe few times it has happened to you. Now if I ask how many times you have watched the same movie again after your bad experience just because of strong marketing and lobbying in support of it. Probably not once, as you know that content is missing in the movie. 

Well this simple anecdote is enough to explain the dominance which content has over all the fields where liking and disliking comes into the picture. In a similar model we can understand how important content is in designing the marketing strategy. No wonder why content is referred to as the asset and not a tool by marketers all over the world. 

All successful content strategies result from right content assets that drive engagement, enhance reputation and increase the visibility of a business. Now the question is in case a digital marketing dwells upon content to a great extent then how can we make sure that there is right mix of content in the mould of business objectives? It is beneficial if content can reflect upon the business goals and create a market for businesses. 

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Types of content marketing assets will be discussed as follows: 

  • Detailed content – Any content that has meat to it. It is basically the information manual which educates and leaves you for asking for more. It is a form of data transformation that will build credibility in customer eyes about particular brands. In the next time when you read a blog or article then do check if that is sponsored by a particular brand.
  • Whitepapers- It is a detailed account for a particular topic presented by firms to create awareness about a particular brand or a stream of brand in general. One of the benefits s that this whitepaper can be used as a gated asset to prepare an email list for the customers. 
  • Video marketing – It is a form of marketing wherein there is an instant connection with the buyers as well to develop interest in the product line.  The fact that YouTube is second largest search engine comes into play as a factor as well.
  • Resource pages- They act as a repository for range of content assets such as e books, guides, journals. The premise behind this is to build links.
  • Effective website- In simple terms website is nothing but a long text based on understanding the value that it can create for product line. 
  • Guest blogs- As a website the blogs are of paramount importance to attract customer viewership and social media presence. 
  • Active presence on forums- There are wealth of knowledge being shared on plethora of forums. These forums bring out new horizon to communicate and build effective following based on providing quality content. 

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Gaurav Digital is a digital marketing expert, educator & service provider having more than a decade experience in digital marketing industry. He has already worked with MNC’s & top Indian & Foreign brands. Currently he heads Delhicourses.in known as best & affordable  digital marketing institute in Delhi.

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