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Comparison of Formuler GTV VS Z8 Pro

The GTV is the leading Android TV platform in the Formula portfolio and the demand for Android TV operating systems is growing rapidly. In addition, the TV box is fully equipped with high level Bluetooth audio range with comprehensive TV control. GTV Box is considered to be the latest version of the popular Android TV with special features.

LIVE TV on GTV, DVR, On Demand Apps, Streaming, etc. It is not difficult to play. Similarly, you can ask Google to use your voice for control. GTV Box is the best Android TV variant and an easier way to get more out of popular TVs.

As a bonus, the GTV is professionally equipped with a Google certified Android TV 9.0 Bluetooth voice remote. The license allows you to use multiple TV versions of the app instead of Netflix anywhere in the world. They have fast devices and are fully compatible with many digital audio formats. Also, you can see that sound is detected on the sound bar when the sound bar is connected.

The Z8 Pro Formulator is also a great device and the best selling product of all time. It definitely meets your needs and provides extra budget for the features that GTV offers.

The 2022 Formuler Z8 Pro case was built from the ground up with maximum efficiency in mind. Thanks to the latest WIDEVINE (LEVEL1) decoding technology and the popular Android operating system, Formula Z8 Pro offers years of multimedia streaming pleasure to customers around the world through the various applications that make up MYTVOnline2. In this way, you can enjoy and record multifunctional PVR with the popular Formula Z8 Pro while watching other interesting programs on the screen.

Key features of the Formuler Z8 Pro

  • Provides MyTVOnline2 advanced IPTV client with WIDEVINE LEVEL1
  • High quality Android IPTV platform with upgrade option
  • Equipped with high-sensitivity dual-band WiFi with two antennas
  • Contains 2GB DDR 4/16GB eMMC RAM
  • Offers 4K / HDR: 4K @ 60fps / HDR 10
  • USB recording offers scheduled recording, delayed recording and delayed recording
  • High-quality quad-core processor
  • Powerful built-in Bluetooth
  • Equipped with USB3.0 and USB2.0 / IR Rec / SPDIF / TV OUT / LAN

In fact, when people buy Formula, they often look at it, which is absolutely a function of Internet connectivity. In addition, the similarity feature of Ethernet and WiFi is very good, and the additional data on maximum download speeds is of good quality for regular monitoring. Most people still focus on getting the best features while getting past the dominant remote attribution.



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