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Common mistakes to avoid when designing a grain handling system

For many years we have seen significant shifts in our technology. We have seen innovations in almost all areas of production. When we dive into agriculture, we understand that buying and maintaining capital-intensive equipment is a big deal. Most of the investment of the farmers goes directly to the ineffective handling of grain and storing them in the right place. It takes a lot of struggle and hard work to find the right way of handling the grain and then keeping them in a safe place. An adequate amount of temperature and humidity levels have to be maintained in the grain bins so that the grain quality stays the same.

The grain handling system in the farm will not just perform one function, but there are a series of operations to be completed. The bin needs to be an effective and appropriate grain handling system, able to dry and condition grain on day to day basis. Through the years, people have seen a lot of changes in the overall designs of grain handling systems. When there is any mistake in the overall design of the grain handling system, it can be a very big fault. So, here are some common blunders that you should avoid when designing a grain handling system:

Make high foundations:  Because storing the grains is a difficult job, it must be done while keeping the things in the proper order. You need to set high foundations when you are settling down for a grain handling system. It must be designed appropriately and at a height so that the tasks of loading and unloading can be performed in the easiest ways. If the foundations are high, you won’t get stuck in the process of grain storage. Because the grain bins are high, you have to make more extensive foundations.

Get enough space for big trucks:  Grain storage is all about loading and unloading grains and making arrangements for the future; you cannot ignore the need for enough space. Rather than finding a new site for trucks, you can get the right design in the old place. One of the most valuable things you can do is add a straight configuration of bins to your farm rather than building the new one altogether.

Not making safety a priority: When you have to handle the grains, specific safety standards must be followed. There is a long list of operational hazards that can take place while you are storing the grains. There can be explosions, dust accumulation, and other kinds of hazards. This is why you need to keep in mind the grain handling safety checklist. One can always invest in a dust suppression hopper, so the dust stays away from the grain bins. The air must also be tested at all points of time. Also, while handling the grain system, you should wear a PPE kit. This is how you can keep in mind the safety checklist and perform specific procedures beforehand and avoid the chances of emergencies.



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