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Where to Get Class 12th Commerce Sample Papers for Free?

Get the new CBSE Sample Papers for commerce subjects from here. Download the papers for all your subjects from VSI Jaipur using the link below. These CBSE Class 12th Commerce Sample Papers are very good for your exam preparation and will contribute to your improvement.

The new sample papers have a new style of questions and cover the latest syllabus, so solve them on priority. Also, download the solutions and marking pattern. These CBSE class 12th sample papers are designed to suit the curriculum of all boards.

Students who are looking for coaching can join the 12th commerce coaching of VSI Jaipur. Here, we cover all the commerce subjects in detail.  Furthermore, students will also get personalised guidance according to their performance.

Why Download the papers from VSI Jaipur?

VSI Jaipur provides the latest sample papers. They can also get excellent study tips and hacks, revision strategies and time management tips on their blog.

Besides this, VSI Jaipur also helps class 12 Commerce students prepare for the CA course. Class 12 students can also get coaching for courses like CS and CMA.

Download Class 12th Commerce Sample Papers with solution from VSI Jaipur

The main subjects of the commerce stream in CBSE and all other boards are Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, and Maths. Besides these mainstream subjects, Entrepreneurship, Information Practices are the other subjects.

You will get the complete set of Class 12th Commerce Sample Papers for 2022-23 and previous years. Click on the link given above. The papers are available for all the main subjects:

  • Accountancy Sample Papers
  • Economics Sample Papers
  • Business Studies Sample Papers
  • Maths Sample Papers
  • English Sample Papers
  • Entrepreneurship Sample Papers
  • Information Practices Sample Papers

Why are Class 12th Commerce Sample Papers important?

The sample papers will help you with a lot of things during your exam preparation. If you want to test your preparation, then solve the sample test papers.

The questions of sample papers are set with the new syllabus in mind. As you know the 2022-23 syllabus was reduced, and the latest sample papers will only have questions from the topics which are coming in the exam.

The sample papers also help in knowing the proper utilization of three hours and 15 minutes. You can practice how to effectively spend every minute on the exam.

The sample papers will help you identify your weak areas in every subject. So you can revise them on time before the exams. This will ensure higher grades in the main exams.

How to use the Class 12th Commerce Sample Papers?

If you are solving the sample papers like a real mock test you will have a better idea of the time management practice for main exams. But the old sample papers or any other sample papers will cover the complete syllabus (even the reduced topics). You will have to remove those questions. The time will be reduced and you won’t get an accurate idea of exam time management.

The class 12th commerce sample papers 2022-23 will have all the questions only from those chapters which are coming in the exams this year. You can solve all the questions and give the paper for 3 hours. So it is better to solve the new class 12th commerce sample papers 2022 as mock tests.

The presentation style of answers can win you marks in the main exams. And you can make sure you give your best. The answers you write in the sample papers will help you test your answer-writing abilities. You can also use the suggested answers PDFs and detailed marking scheme from CBSE. This will help in understanding how to write the answers well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the best website for downloading Class 12 Commerce Sample Paper PDFs?

Ans. VSI Jaipur is the best website for class xii commerce sample papers.

Q2. How can I get Maths Class 12 Sample Paper?

Ans. You can get the CBSE class 12th commerce sample paper from VSI Jaipur. Use the link above.

Q3. Are the new sample papers enough for the preparation?

Ans. Your first priority should be the new sample papers, but solving one set of papers is not enough for the preparation. You can try the old 12th-class commerce model paper 2019, and 2018 sets.

Q4. Is NCERT enough for the class 12 board preparation?

Ans. Yes, NCERT books along with sample papers are enough for exam preparation.

Q5. How many sample papers did CBSE release?

Ans. One set of CBSE Class 12th Commerce Sample Paper 2022 was released last year.

If you want to ace your exams, don’t skip the sample papers available on VSI Jaipur. Solve at least one series, especially the class xii sample papers 2022.

The sample papers are a real test to evaluate how prepared you are for your exams. It will help you in getting the experience of the 12th Board exams in advance. The expectation of how many marks you can score in the exam will help you prepare yourself for the exam in advance. This is the chance to know which topics need more time for revisions and improve yourself before the exams.



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