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Choosing the right hoops for you: A guide

Hoop earrings are classic jewelry. A good pair of hoops can help elevate your outfit instantly, thereby letting you look stylish and chic at your friend’s party. However, how does one find the ideal pair? The key to locating the best pair is to seek hoops that both fit your style and is also flattering.

Here are certain things that you need to consider while choosing the appropriate hoops.

Begin with your ear lobe

Make sure that the earring fits your earlobe’s shape prior to considering buying it. This may seem pretty obvious, however, most people tend to overlook this step. When a pair of hoops doesn’t fit your lobe properly, it is uncomfortable as it keeps pulling at your earlobes. It can cause severe pain and lead to ripped earlobes.

Select a style that matches the shape of your face

When picking diamond hoops, you need to take into account the shape of your face. It is quite easy to find the ideal hoops if you are familiar with which styles best suit your face shape. The features of every woman are unique. What might look astonishing on your friend may not particularly look pleasing on you.

Try on many varieties

Are you someone who wants a particular kind of hoop earrings? The best way to go is to try on numerous materials and styles. This will help you get a good and clear idea of what type of earrings suit you. Besides, this way, you can easily tell which design you like better.

Verify the weight

It is vital to make sure that the earrings you buy are not very heavy as the weight will keep pulling down on your lobes and will stretch them as well thus making them lose shape. The ideal way to prevent this from happening is by ensuring that you pick lightweight hoops with the appropriate design. Lightweight hoops are generally made up of hollow tubes, even if they are bulky in their design and they generally do not pull on the earlobes.

Choosing materials

Hoop earrings are a great way to embellish the basic outfit too. They can be worn easily as day-to-day earrings or on special occasions. If you wish to wear them for special events, you need to consider buying high-quality jewellery that looks elegant and long-lasting as well.

Opt for diamond hoops for a glamorous and luxurious look. You can also buy white gold hoops to offer a dash of brightness whilst maintaining an elegant feel. If you would like to opt for silver hoops, you need to consider how they pair with your general wardrobe. The classic silver or gold-plated varieties are the ones that are often preferred by most women. Provided that the plating is solid enough, it won’t fade or rub off easily. They will last longer if you take good care of them. You just need to avoid them from making any contact with chemicals like hairspray and perfume.

Selecting the appropriate colour

The ideal way to locate the finest hoop colour is to match it with your skin tone. One more way to select the appropriate hoop colour is to take into account your outfit for the day. If you wear a colourful and bright dress, you need to opt for hoops that suit your outfit colour. This will help you construct a cohesive look. If you are wearing a subtle outfit, you can select hoops that contrast the clothing for a bold statement. You can browse this website for the best hoop earrings collections.

Take into account the occasion

Do you wish to wear hoop earrings just for formal events or do you like wearing them on a daily basis? Diamond hoop earrings can add an air of opulence to a formal occasion. Maybe, you want an adaptable pair that transitions from regular activities to formal occasions? You can go with medium-sized ones in classic colours like silver or gold.



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