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Change Your Location on Google by Installing One App on Your iPhone

Safari is the basic web browser that iPhone users use. However, Google still remains strong and it is the most used browser. There are not many issues when it comes to using Google but one element that users do not like is that it takes the location for a ton of actions. Therefore, even to have your Gmail set properly, you will need to have your location. Even some of its apps need to have your location turned on and given access so that you can perform your activity. There are numerous purposes as to why Google requires your location. Most of the activities are not going to work unless your location is not given.

Some of the most basic ways how Google uses location are when you are using Google maps. This is something that is understandable as it tells you the location, route, and time from where you are situated to your destination. Therefore, if you change location on Google then it will only give you the information which you presented. Hence, if you are going to be faking your location then it will show you the route from that point.

How you can change your location on Google?

The best and only way how you will be able to change your location on Google is to use location changerThere are numerous apps that you will be able to find on the app store which offer this action. Therefore, by doing some research and finding an app that seems authentic such as FakeLoc, you will be able to change your location. These apps are easy to use and they do not have any complex steps which make you stop during the process. Therefore, you will just need to download it and follow the instructions it displays.

Furthermore, the best thing about this is that you can use them for all sorts of apps that use your location. Hence, it can be used for Google and any other app that you want to fake your location as well. This is something that is done easily by getting in touch with the GPS settings. iPhone uses a ton of GPS signals which is why it catches your location quickly. Therefore, you will easily be able to fake your location easily on any other app as well. You will be able to find a ton of different apps that present unique features as well so you will have to choose wisely.



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