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Casting and painting plaster figures with SES Creative

Modeling plaster by hand requires a lot of talent. With the SES Creative plaster figure sets, various shapes can be cast and painted from the plaster in no time. Little extras and creativity give them their polish.

From what age is casting plaster figures with SES Creative recommended?

According to the manufacturer, an age of 5 to 14 years is recommended. At this age, best remote car for kids the children master the required fine motor skills and love to model and tinker. Nevertheless, plaster casting should be done under the direct supervision of an adult. And why shouldn’t adults also enjoy watering and painting plaster?

How do the SES Creative Plaster Figure Sets work?

Casting and painting SES Creative plaster figures is very easy. Under guidance, you stir a plaster mass, which you then pour into the enclosed mold. After about 24 hours, the mixture should be dried and you can start painting. Depending on the set, selected colors, glitter, or other extras are available to you.

What plaster figure sets does SES Creative have?

You pour the plaster mass into a relief mold. After drying, carefully remove them. So you get a flat plaster figure, which you can paint as you like. With a little creativity, you can make refrigerator magnets or a chain pendant.

These forms exist, for example, unicorns, dogs, cats, or marine animals. For the special decoration of the figures, glitter dust is also included with each set. As a tasting set without glitter, SES Creative Cheerful Funny Figures Cast and Paint is ideal.

Plaster figures in 3D

With 3D plaster figures, you pour the mass either into a large silicone mold or into two halves. After curing and possibly gluing together, you will receive a figure in 3D, which you can paint from all sides. In general, these figures are a beautiful decorative element in the children’s room or can be used for playing.

These 3D plaster figures are available, for example, for girls as a dolphin or unicorn Kitty Cupcake with glitter or as a horse without glitter. For boys, SES Creative offers small dinosaurs or a T-Rex with bright colors.

Plaster figures in 3D with extras

In addition to their own imagination of how to use the plaster figures, some SES Creative cast and paint plaster figures already have special extras that give the plaster figures a benefit.

In the SES Creative Dragon cast and paint set, stickers give the dragon the right look during the day. At night, it can glow in the dark, painted by a special “Glow in the Dark” color.

The SES Creative Cars casting and painting set is also equipped with additional material. So you can add wheels to your car before the drying process and design it with stickers when painting. Afterwards, nothing stands in the way of the car race.

The SES Creative Note Holder Cast and Paint Set already contains individual rods as note holders. After casting and painting, these rods are incorporated between two relief forms and make your notepad an eye-catcher, for example on the desk.

Which SES Creative plaster casting and painting set is right for my child?

If you want it to be a surprise for your child and you can’t or don’t want to ask them yourself, you should find out what interests they have. Finally, SES Creative offers many forms that can be interesting for boys and girls.

Subsequently, best off road rc cars it is crucial whether the plaster figure should only have a decorative, playful or useful purpose. The large 3D plaster figures are often suitable as decoration. The small 3D figures are more handy and therefore more advantageous when playing. With additional material, the figures, such as the note holders, finally fulfill a useful purpose. If you or your child are a creative head, flat plaster figures are just right. These are also suitable for handicrafts or for original ideas.

If you pay attention to these things, you can’t go wrong with a SES Creative Plaster Figure Set. After all, the children have fun and it promotes their creativity.

By the way: Once the joy of gypsum casting has been discovered, there is a gypsum refill set from SES Creative, which is also suitable for other creative ideas.



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