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Canadian exchange rates that are the finest

When converting money in your bank account or exchanging cash, Interchange Financial Currency Exchange offers the best exchange rates in Canada.

lower rates than those provided by banks.

How we can beat banks’ and other financial institutions’ exchange rates is a question we are asked a lot. Simply put, a generalist bank or smaller businesses simply cannot compete with our market-leading abilities and resources as experts in foreign exchange. These advantages result in improved exchange rates every day for our clients.The goal of our business is to offer Canadians the best exchange rates on all currency exchange services. Are you converting US dollars to Canadian dollars using your bank account? Better exchange rates will be available from us. Will you need foreign currency for your journey? We can help you as well. Do you send money from one nation to another in order to buy a house? We can assist you with that as well. Every time, we give you better exchange rates, convert your money quickly and securely, and help you save a lot of money.

We are upfront and sincere. There aren’t any fees.

We don’t impose any fees at all. We also take pride in being open and honest about our services and costs. At Interchange Currency Exchange, prices are fixed and cannot be altered. Exchange rates can be reserved at your leisure, and the transaction can be completed online or in-person at one of our locations. You received precisely what you paid for. Because of this, the majority of our clients are return customers, and the majority of our new customers are recommendations.

At any time, we can offer exchange services.

On a regular basis, our clients also transact in well-known currencies like Australian dollars, British pounds, Canadian dollars, Chinese yuan, Hong Kong dollars, Swiss francs, and Japanese yen. We can complete transactions in a total of over 70 internationally recognized currencies.

Unlike other exchange businesses, we provide unique exchange services.

We were founded on the conviction that Canadians deserved better foreign exchange rates than those offered by conventional financial institutions about 20 years ago. As one of Canada’s largest independent currency exchange specialists, we have now made a name for ourselves.

Exchange accounts for money

If you have a US dollar buy sell bank account in Canada and wish to convert money within your accounts at a better exchange rate, this service is for you. A reservation can be made via phone, online, or in person at one of our locations. Through our ICS Service, which utilizes your current bank accounts, everything is done online. Other significant currencies are also offered for this service.

Payment Services: Money Transfer Services

We provide clients all around the world with payment services in a range of major currencies. We can help you convert money when transferring funds from one account to another in a foreign currency at rates that are substantially lower than what would otherwise be possible.


The greatest conversion rates in Canada are provided by Interchange Financial Currency Exchange when converting funds in your bank account or exchanging cash.

We frequently get asked how we can outperform the exchange rates offered by banks and other financial institutions.

We do not charge anything at all. We also pride ourselves on being upfront and truthful about our services and prices.

Our clients also frequently conduct business in popular currencies like Australian dollars, British pounds, Canadian dollars, Chinese yuan, Hong Kong dollars, Swiss francs, and Japanese yen.



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