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Canada Visa for Greek and Romanian Citizens

Canadian Immigration has introduced new rules that allow citizens of Greece and Romania to apply for a Canada visa and enter the country without a visa. This new measure eliminates the need for Romanian and Greek citizens to have a visa in order to visit Canada.

1. What is the new Canada visa for Greek and Romanian citizens?

The new Canada visa for Greek citizens is a temporary resident permit for visitors. The only difference between this permit and the previous one is that it is valid for a shorter period of time. The new Canada visa for Greek and Romanian citizens is valid for one year on the condition that the visitor has not been previously refused a Canada visa. The new Canada visa for Greek and Romanian citizens is also valid for a maximum of 5 years if the visitor has not been refused a Canada visa.

2. How does the new Canada visa for Greek and Romanian citizens work?

The Canada Visa for Romanian citizens is now available to travellers entering Canada at designated land border crossings and airports. These new changes were made to the Canada visa application process in order to make it easier for applicants. The new Canada visa application process is more streamlined and applicants will be able to submit their application online.

3. How to apply for a Canadian visa

If you are a Greek or Romanian citizen and want to visit Canada, you will need a Canadian visa. You can apply for one of the Canadian visa types below.

4. Conclusion

Canada has a policy of welcoming people from around the world. This is why the Canadian government has an extensive list of countries that citizens of can enter without a visa. These countries are called “trusted countries.” The only countries that citizens of countries in the “trusted countries” list cannot enter without a visa are the United States, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. If a citizen of a country in the “trusted countries” list is visiting Canada for less than six months, they don’t need a visa to enter.


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