Follow real people on Twitter.

Twitter is probably the most unique social media site, and businesses and professionals can get benefits from it that they can’t get from other sites.

With more than 313 million monthly active users and a billion tweet impressions, ignoring Twitter could be a costly mistake for your business.

But that doesn’t make it any easier to get the business or professional benefits Twitter has to offer. And while buying followers is the best way to get a lot of attention on Twitter, it’s not as easy as it sounds because you have to be careful about who you buy as a follower.

Who you don’t want to follow you on Twitter

If you do a search on Google, a long list of websites will come up, all of which say they can help you get more followers and better business results. But they will do the opposite of what you think.

They will make it hard for you to reach your target audience, and they can definitely ruin your Twitter brand. This is how:

  • Fake followers don’t like, retweet, or comment on your tweets, so you end up with a lot of followers but no likes, retweets, or comments.
  • Most of the time, these followers also look very spammy, with no profile picture, bio, followers, or even tweets.
  • This will make your Twitter account look bad and hurt the credibility of your brand, which could hurt your brand’s reputation outside of Twitter as well.
  • When it comes to buying fake followers, Twitter is very strict. Accounts that break this rule are banned left and right.
  • Even if real followers are interested in your products or services, they won’t follow you because your account looks spammy and sketchy and they don’t trust you as a brand.
    Lastly, it’s important to remember that these problems won’t just happen on Twitter. When a potential customer searches Google for your brand name, your Twitter profile is likely to come up right below your website. This means that buying fake followers could hurt your sales and the reputation of your brand a lot.

Expand Your Twitter Following

On Twitter, we make it easier for others to locate and follow you. We maintain a list of Twitter users organised by location and hobbies. Connect with our 50,000+ monthly active users by adding your twitter account fast and effortlessly.

Compliance with Policies

On Twiends, you might gain Twitter followers, but this happens as a result of the user’s own process of discovery. We don’t automatically add followers to your account, and you can’t buy real twitter followers. Not only is it a horrible idea, but twitter forbids it as well.

Disclaimer: Because outcomes differ for every user, we are unable to make any precise promises.

Discover How to Gr

We give you terrific advice on how to develop outside of Twitter in addition to enhancing your exposure there. We post articles, guides, and infographics in our website’s learning section.

These are jam-packed with helpful advice on how to expand your audience and boost interaction.

Keep Tabs on Your New Followers

We want you to attract devoted supporters and establish enduring relationships with them. We work to foster a culture of discovery where individuals can find each other and find interesting genuine people to follow. You receive real-time daily statistics that show you how many individuals have linked to and followed you.

Our best efforts are made to block phoney and offensive social media accounts while actively moderating the community. Twiends is totally free, and we also provide a free trial with featured promotion.

Display Your Content

When you link your Twitter account to Twiends, you are given access to your own content wall where you may display your favourite tweets in a gorgeous full-page style.

You want the appropriate individuals in your target market to understand what you stand for and why they should click the “follow” button!

Fantastic Directory

Our interest-based directory is the foundation of twiends. You are instantly added to the sections of the directory you select when you add yourself to twiends. This makes it simple for people to find you who share their interests.

Additionally, we constantly update the list with hundreds of notable figures. Therefore, there’s a good chance you can follow your favourite athletes, musicians, and actresses on Twiends!

Added Guides

Everything you need to know about how to obtain Twitter followers is included in this comprehensive guide. Everything is available here, from creating your account to organising contests and twitter discussions. We even demonstrate how to use Twitter Ads and other advertising platforms.

How will you increase my fan base?

straightforward advertising We advertise for you to our numerous everyday visitors. Every day, thousands of Twitter users visit our site, and we show them your profile. We don’t use auto following and we don’t make people follow you.

How is my Twitter profile displayed?

We first display your name and profile picture, but if visitors want to learn more, we also display your twitter bio, tweets, follower count, and handle.

How are you able to offer follower growth advertising for nothing?

90% of users utilise our service for no charge. This enables us to develop a vibrant, high-caliber community. Then, we may offer featured promotion to those who wish to expand their following even more quickly.

Can I purchase followers on Twitter?

Although we do sell featured advertising, we do not sell followers. It is comparable to a Twitter Ads campaign where you may advertise to real people by buying twitter followers. However, using our service, you can advertise on our website to actual users.

Who can purchase your highlighted service?

really anybody. Our plans are affordable for everyone, starting at just a few dollars.

This service is for whom?

This will be a social networking tool you can’t live without if you’re just starting out and have trouble getting genuine followers on Twitter! It is the quickest method of increasing social proof on Twitter.

How many will come after me?

Honestly? We are unsure. It all depends on how frequently you are shown each day. It’s advertising, and so the number of followers you attract each day will depend on many factors. Please log in and use the free trial.

Do you assist with natural growth?

Through your regular activity, you’ll probably start to gain organic followers. The greatest way to learn more about expanding your social media presence organically is through our blog postings.

Do you produce phoney Twitter bots and followers?

No, we don’t make fictitious accounts. Everyone who registers on twiends typically finds us through Google.

Can you assist me in contacting powerful people?

Every day, a diverse group of people join. Some users have influence, while others are brand-new users. Some will be pertinent to your specialty while others won’t. We have a large community, so sign up for free and check it out.

Can companies utilise your service?

Yes, a lot of small businesses use Twitter as a formidable tool for broadly attracting new potential clients.

Are you able to target?

Only broad promotion with national targeting is offered by us. We don’t support hashtag or keyword filtering.

Will you tweet or send direct messages using my account?

Without a doubt, no. The confidence that people have in us would be entirely destroyed by this. We won’t ever tweet anything from your account or send your followers any direct messages.

Do you assist with any further social networks?

We only do Twitter, sorry. We do not intend to sponsor other social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

When did you start doing this?

We started in 2009, making us one of the first social media sites in this space. Our goal has always been to offer Twitter’s top growth service.

Which countries do you support?

Our users come from all over the world, but our three biggest countries are The United States, Canada & The UK.



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