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Bring the Best Cycle Under Your Budget

In the post-COVID phase, people now prefer cycling over other workout methods, to abide by the social distancing constraints. Cycling is a combination of outdoor physical exercise along with a sightseeing spirit. Also, the added advantage is that you can either do cycling alone, which gives time to process your thoughts and worries, or you can go on a group ride which enriches your social behavior. Cycling, in real terms, is a healthy, low-impact exercise that can be relished by people of all age groups. At the same time, it’s a fun exercise, being economically viable and nature-friendly.

Bicycles do not add to the pollution as they don’t require any fuel to run. So, when you choose to ride a bike, you, in turn, extend your contribution towards the well-being of the environment. This festive season, when people are highly enthusiastic about buying new household products and gifts for family members, you can consider gifting a cycle to your loved ones. 

With the help of never-before-seen discount offers at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, you can plan and purchase the best gear cycle within your budget. Using the No Cost EMI and zero down payment options, you can further ease your cycle shopping experience this festive season.

What features make a cycle the best option to choose?

Some of the basic factors which you should deliberate on while choosing the best cycle include the budget factor and the intended purpose for which you are buying it. There are majorly three broad categories of cycles: Mountain bikes, Road bikes and Hybrid bicycles. Your choice of the cycle type should complement the purpose for which you are planning to buy the cycle. Furthermore, other considerable factors include the gear type, brake type, body design, type of tyres and provided speed changing functions etc.

If you are still considerate about the gear cycle price, the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store is providing you with astonishing discounts to ease your cycle purchase this festive season, so go ahead and choose from these best-in-class bikes.

Best-in-class cycles to choose from

1) Spartan 26T Disc Brake Bicycle – Brand Leader

The Leader Spartan 26T X 300, provided with fat tyres, is one of the unique Mountain bikes from the Leader bicycle family. If you are riding on mountains, fat tyres make your trail ride more comfortable. Furthermore, these tyres assist in riding over the snow. The Leader Spartan 26T is provided with welded suspension joints and a fork, which makes it a highly comfortable bike to ride. The wheels of this cycle are equipped with disc brakes in the front wheels and power brakes in the rear wheels, and this helps in enhancing the grip on the tyre in case of sudden brake application. 

This disk brake bike is ideally suited for the 12+ age groups and the rider height ranging from 5-6 feet. To increase the rider comfort, this cycle is provided with a soft rubber grip and form padded PU saddles. With all these power-packed features, if you buy this cycle from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store this festive season, you will get a discount of 12%, after which you have to only pay Rs. 11,407 to own this trendy cycle.

2) Buke Yuva 26T Double Disc Brake Cycle – Brand Avon

The Avon Buke Yuva is a mountain bike suited for men. This Avon bicycle is fabricated from premium quality metallic fibre, which enhances its strength and serviceability. The frame is made out of durable steel, making it a rough and tough cycle, and the size of this Avon bike is 48 cm. It is fitted with a wheel size of 26 inches, which provides it with a smooth-riding experience. It also has tubular tyres along with mountain bar handles, which makes it a sturdy choice for mountain rides. 

Other outstanding features of this Avon bicycle include disk brakes, front suspension, and a 1-speed gear function. The dimensional characteristics of this bike are (55×27×8) inches, and its overall weight is 18.8 kg, which indicates its lightweight usability. This festive season, you can bring home this budget gear cycle priced Rs. 11,088 only.

3) Gladiator 26T Multispeed Disc Brake Gear cycle – Brand Leader

Gladiator multi-speed 26T cycle has fore-end suspension and disc brakes, which make it a perfect choice, as it has a strong build quality and boundless dependability. It is equipped with an inelastic frame and high traction tyres which facilitate a safe and anti-skid ride on uneven surfaces. This multi speed cycle is best suited for children above 12 years of age and having a body built of (5 to 6) feet. 

Tig welded steel frame that has been provided enhances its durability. The disk brakes provide an efficient and secure braking system to the bike. This 14.4 kg cycle having dimensions (137.16 × 20.32 × 76.2) cm comes in Sea Green and Black colour along with a lifetime frame warranty. After applying the discount, you can bring home this bike at the minimal gear cycle price of Rs. 13,299.

To help you buy your favorite bicycles during the festive season, the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store is providing multiple No Cost EMI options. On completing the purchase this festive season, you will also get a chance to benefit from lucrative discounts and other cashback offers.



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