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Brief PDF Guide for Students

There was a time when students had to do their essays and assignments on paper and carry them to their college to handover to the teachers. Digitalization of documents has made life easier and students now use software and other digital tools to create documents and easily share and submit the soft copies of their assignments.

That means they don’t have to carry a large pile of paper to their school or college. You can now create, share, and save your assignments, essays, and homework in different file formats. While there is a wide variety of file formats that you can use to create and share your files, you may be wondering which format is the best for sharing or submitting your assignments to the teachers.

Listed below are the five reasons why PDF is the most suitable format for submitting assignments.

Go Paperless

After completing a couple of assignments and a few weeks of studying, you may find your desk cluttered with paper. Books, copies, printed notes, articles, and assignments can make it hard for you to sort out documents.

Sorting printed documents by date or subject can take a lot of time and it’s difficult to ferret out a specific document quickly. Creating and storing documents in the PDF format leaves more room in your space by going paperless.

Printing your work also involves cost and time, which leads to paper wastage. So, it’s always a quick, convenient, and cheap option to have your documents in the PDF format and share them with your teacher online.

Easy to Create

One of the reasons why PDF is a popular format is the ease of creation. You can convert almost every other format to PDF such as word documents, images, web pages, tables, and text documents.

It is quite convenient to create your assignment in a word processing software and save in a PDF format. Moreover, when you work using Google Docs, you can also download your assignment in a PDF. FacePDF is a portable, efficient, and reliable software that allows you to view, create, convert, and share your PDF files on the go.

Fix Your Typos in PDF

You should proofread your assignment carefully before emailing it to your evaluator. A good PDF software allows you to edit the text in your PDF file without having to convert it to the other formats.

This feature is especially convenient when you find a mistake in your paper at the last moment. Making changes to PDF files was never so easy before. That means you don’t have to find your file in word format, correct the mistakes there, and convert the document to a PDF format again. PDF editors have made the life of students easier.

PDF is Ideal to Get Feedback

Your teacher can easily highlight your mistakes in your PDF paper and add comments with the help of annotation tools offered by PDF editors. Therefore, PDF files also make the process of giving feedback easier and convenient for teachers. You can review his comments on your PDF paper to improve your future assignments. Your teacher’s feedback is helpful for improving your work and define your strengths and weaknesses.


If you are running late and don’t have specific tool like convert to pdf [which convert any doc to pdf] , PDF to JPG , PDF to Excel, many more .You can also use best online pdf software known as FacePDF , where you will find so many tools for performing PDF tasks.


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