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Bluefrog Design – Product Design Consultant

Innovation is the key to moving your business forward and growing your brand. We know that while inventions generate new ideas, it’s innovation that turns those ideas into tangible, marketable products Bluefrog Design.

How can you innovate a product? Our team is expert at understanding your existing brand and future goals, identifying product improvements and new opportunities that will bring greater value to your business and product.

Idea generation
Throughout the consulting process, we help you identify the potential pitfalls and opportunities for developing your product. An important phase of design thinking is ideation – the process of discovery to find the hidden gem.

The first step is to get a clear brief from you to understand the business challenges and goals. Then we take time to research, brainstorm, and openly and fully explore the potential of your idea. Our expertise is in bringing together our creative thinking, knowledge and industrial design experience to consider a range of unique and potential solutions.

Finally, we create sketches, models and jigs as needed to make the concept ideas clear to all stakeholders and show how they add value and produce tangible results. We also outline the path to implementation, with the best solution to take advantage of market opportunities.

Technology Research
As a product design agency, we are always interested in researching the latest developments in technologies. We believe that design is critical to finding ways to overcome challenges, improve society, and make people’s lives easier and better.

Our involvement in groundbreaking research, both in the physical and digital worlds, gives us the advantage of understanding the potential of innovative technologies and applying that knowledge to solve problems. By exploring these opportunities, we benefit from new technologies and find solutions that change the way products are designed, manufactured and used. ..........................................

For this reason, we collaborate with companies, universities and research institutions. This allows us to expand our knowledge and apply it commercially to your application to develop innovative new products. We have partnered on many Innovate UK and Medical Research Council projects and can support you in applying for new technology-led projects.



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