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Block-stars Pvt. Ltd.[South Korea] Signs MoU with UPL University[India]

Seoul, South Korea- On August 12th, 2022, an MoU was signed between Block-Stars Pvt. Ltd and UPL University of Sustainable Technology to train the students for the current demanding technologies. 

As per the MoU, the students of the IT department will be provided with internships, virtual visits, the latest technology courses, and more in the Block-Stars India office in Surat. The experts from Block-Stars HQ office in Seoul, South Korea will also conduct online seminars.

MoU was signed by Prof. Shrikant J Wagh, Provost (I/c), and exchanged by Ms. Mital Patel, HOD (I/c), Ms.Rupali Attarde, Lecturer, Department of Computer Engineering, and Mr. Kwon HeungJun, CEO in the presence of Dr. Snehal Lokhandwala, Dean Science and Sustainability and Dr. Omprakash Mahadwad, Dean Engineering and COE.

“The future job market is quite competitive. It is very important that our upcoming generation becomes knowledgeable and trained enough to beat this building competition. Through our collaboration with UPL university, we feel obliged to have the shared responsibility of training their students for the most disruptive and demanding technologies of the coming era. Students will be given the opportunity to work and learn closely with the industry experts, making them job-ready to grab the best opportunities of the market.” said Mr. Kwon HeungJun, CEO of Block-Stars Pvt. Ltd.

Both parties are hopeful that this MoU will bring about a wide range of academic collaborations to enhance industry exposure and on-hand work experience among the university students.

Block-Stars Pvt. Ltd. is a full-cycle Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, NFT and Defi development service provider. Based in South Korea, they have regional offices in the USA, India and Sri Lanka. Follow them on social media for latest updates:


Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/blockstarsglobal/

Facebook-  https://www.facebook.com/BlockStarsglobal/

Twitter- https://twitter.com/Blockstarsglobe

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