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Best Virtual Birthday Party Ideas & Games in 2022

Virtual birthday parties use video conferencing software to celebrate birthdays online. Birthday Zoom backgrounds, cake delivery, and web-call karaoke are just a few examples. 

These gatherings are usually attended by friends, family, and coworkers. The goal of these gatherings is to celebrate the gap between adulthood and our misguided youth. These gatherings are also referred to as “Zoom birthday parties” or “online birthday parties.” 

These activities are a subset of virtual celebration ideas that can increase virtual team engagement.

  • This article contains:
  • Adult birthday party ideas from Zoom
  • ideas for online birthday celebrations
  • Games for a virtual birthday party
  • So, here’s the rundown!

Ideas for virtual birthday parties

Here is a list of ways to celebrate birthdays online that will excite and delight your virtual guests, ranging from balloon bouquets to online birthday countdowns to tiny campfires.

1. Online Birthday Party Invitations

Whether you’re throwing a birthday party for your child, a surprise party for a friend, or your own soiree, you’ll need to send invitations. Create an amazing birthday party flyer and invite to your colleague’s friends and requesting someone’s attendance, sending invitations is a great way to inform your guests about the date, location, and theme.

Birthday party invitation

Colors, fonts, and designs can be customized to make the invitation uniquely yours. You can be as extravagant or as simple as you want, as long as you include the important details that your guests must know.

2. Cake Distribution

“No birthday is complete without cake,” a wise woman once said. You have the option of sending cake to your virtual birthday honoree or to all of your party attendees. MilkBar, a foodie favorite, will ship a signature cake anywhere in the United States, and GoldBelly has treats from a variety of famous bakeries.


Of course, you could always order a treat from a local bakery in the birthday celebrant’s city or send an online gift certificate. Online birthday planners on a budget can look for cake pops or cupcakes in a jar on Etsy. Alternatively, you can mail mug cake recipes to your party guests. Most mug cake mix packets will fit in a standard envelope, but you may need to add an extra.

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3. Birthday Party Bingo on the Internet

Bingo is a collaborative game that you and your guests can play on Zoom, WebEx, and other virtual meeting software. Split up into breakout rooms and chat with other attendees to play. Each square should be labeled with the name of a player to whom the statement applies. While you can use a player’s name more than once, you cannot use the same player’s name in any consecutive row, diagonal, or column.

birthday bingo

Feel free to add your own clues, and make sure to randomize the squares so that the entire party does not win at the same time!

4. On the Hour Goodies

Instead of having the entire celebration on a single video call, you can spread the joy by sending the birthday person goodies every hour. Suggestions for birthday gifts include:

  • Birthday-themed music videos, such as Katy Perry’s Birthday or Stevie Wonder’s Happy Birthday
  • A list of nearby businesses that provide birthday freebies.
  • Online gift cards to services such as Spotify, GrubHub, or Hulu
  • Messages in video or slideshow format that include images, quotes, advice, and personal sentiments
  • Cocktail and dessert recipes
  • Celebrities who share the same birthday are depicted in photographs.
  • Lists of events that occurred on the celebrant’s birthday.

The preceding are only a few general ideas. You can also personalize the gifts to suit the recipient’s preferences and personality, such as by including interesting items.

5. Shake-Up Cocktail (Fully Facilitated)

Cocktail Shake-Up, a 1920s-style cocktail class slash fun, and the classy party would even appeal to the Great Gatsby. A guide will lead the group through a drink-mixing tutorial, scavenger hunt, toast-off, and tasteful drinking game during this virtual event.

Cocktail Shakeup provides refreshments and entertainment, so all you have to do is supply the guests and the alcohol. Guests will not only have a good time, but they will also learn some useful cocktail recipes to impress at future birthday parties.


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