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Best Retargeting Strategies to Boost Conversions

We analysed the retargeting landscape in 2016 and gave advice to get you started. For those who are unfamiliar, retargeting is an internet marketing tactic that maintains your brand in front of consumers who leave your internet site. You may follow them wherever they go and promote on some other internet website to remind them how fantastic your product or service is by inserting tracking pixels on your website. You can see, and it’s too convincing to return to them. Search retargeting, which shows advertising looking at recent searches, and e-mail retargeting, which activates programmed emails depending on specific user behaviour, are the most prevalent methods for accomplishing this.

Retargeting has evolved

An expert Digital marketing agency in London can help you understand retargeting as well. In recent years, retargeting has evolved as an effective way to attract new leads and customers. Consider the following statistics: retargeting clients are 3 times more likely to engage on an ad and seventy percent more easily converted. As a result, half of marketers want to expand its retargeting cost over the next 6 months, while the other half have a specific budget. Some of the recommendations from that period is still relevant, as are some new trends worth considering.

1- Content Is King

The purpose of retargeting is to not just increase conversions but also to boost this process. We have to give folks something meaningful. The great thing about content-based retargeting is that it allows connecting and delivering value to prospects who aren’t ready to buy yet, without being overly aggressive. For those currently only occasionally interested in your product, timely white papers and ebooks can greatly help convince them to buy.

Given that a pre-existing set of material has already been developed for other reasons, this strategy should entail no additional expenditures. Use behavioural data to find top performers to determine what content to use for your campaign. Defining this is entirely up to you-page dwell time, or views/downloads can be a good starting point. If you get the chance, sort your content by the generated multi-touch revenue. Great for ad retargeting if your assets have proven to drive conversions. Then segment your content so that users get the right ones at the right time.

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2- Timing is Everything

Even if your content is perfectly created for the right audience, your retargeting strategy will fail if the timing isn’t right. If they wait too long, they risk losing their interest, and their movements can be too fast and threaten them. The exact timing of your retargeting efforts depends on the type of audience members you are targeting and the variety of products you offer. Here are some best practices:

 Act quickly:

Your first retargeting ad will appear immediately after your first contact. Catch those first-time visitors before they forget you and go to your competition. Create a “frequency limit” that controls the rhythm of your display ads. Also, if the conversion is successful, make sure you have the controls to pull them out of the ad stream.

Synchronize with essential events:

A significant opportunity is a great way to rejuvenate your audience out of the way. Consider retargeting your audience with a membership deal for your next trade show, or inform them about impending product releases or service enhancements.

Behaviour Monitoring:

Using technologies to track how people use your site, retargeting attempts reflect current activity such as page views, form fills, and previous downloads.

3- Attribution Matters

Fifteen years ago, I still had two contacts before buying, but now I have up to six. If the first or last ad the user clicks is getting a complete conversion, something is wrong. By trivialising the sales cycle, you miss out on the potential to maximise expenditure on the right channels. Also, without pointing out the specific impact of various marketing activities. There is a risk of redistributing budgets to “performing” departments. Because the buyer’s journey is unique, there really is no one-size-fits-all approach for revenue attribution.

Nevertheless, this can be difficult. AdRoll’s research shows that the most significant barriers to implementing mappings are lack of knowledge and technical limitations. So, how do you crack the revenue attribution code? First, consider purchasing marketing attribution tools such as Bizible. This helps you combine behavioural and advertising data with sales results to make the right marketing decisions. Extracting this data will give you the insights to optimise your retargeting campaign properly. It is vital for digital business transformation.



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