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What are the Best Microsoft Azure Certifications?

Presently, India’s cloud computing landscape is one of the leading profit makers. As per some studies, this better usage is anticipated to include around one million more employment in cloud computing by 2022. Other studies highlight how cloud computing will add 500,000 jobs in India only. In fact, 83 percent of business workloads are gradually taking up cloud technology.

These recent developments indicate that this is the appropriate juncture to kick start a profession in cloud technologies. In addition, the latest assessment by Microsoft shows architects and developers have the most preferred roles in cloud computing. This is because the significance of cloud skills and major cloud sellers can be best understood by developers and IT professionals.

Various major cloud vendors like Microsoft are regularly advancing their cloud assistance. Therefore, with the growing job opportunities in cloud computing, the requirement for cloud certifications like Azure DevOps certification and others has increased significantly.

What is Microsoft Azure Learning?

There are three Azure certification training programmes. One for the architects, one for Linux, and the third one for Visual Studio web developers. These certifications lead professionals to job positions like cloud architect, cloud administrator, and information security analyst in enterprises.

There are websites and platforms that conduct Azure certification training to prepare you with all required assessment objectives. Besides, these platforms offer a complete review of the examination along with mock tests.

Types of Azure Certifications

Azure certification is divided into Fundamental level and Expert level training. Each validates different specialisations and has a different learning path and certification cost.

The Azure fundamentals training certification comprises the following accreditation and examinations:

    • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (Exam AZ-900): This certification is best suited for candidates from a non-technical background. It is meant to provide them with an understanding of cloud computing services that could facilitate the everyday business plan and work responsibilities involving Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Service.
    • Microsoft Azure Administrator (Associate Exam AZ-103): This certification ensures that the candidate knows the computing process, security, storage, and networking services offered by Microsoft Azure.
    • Microsoft Azure Data Scientist (Associate Exam DP-200 and DP-201): This includes two examinations. The DP-200 examination is particularly designed to check the knowledge of the candidate for executing different kinds of Azure Data solutions. The DP-201 examination tests the candidate’s ability to plan data storage, processing, and security applications meeting the compliance under Microsoft Azure services.
    • Microsoft Azure Developer (Associate Exam AZ-203): This certification programme is designed to help candidates synchronise with the cloud database administrators (DBAs), cloud administrators, cloud computing architects, and even clients.
  • Microsoft Azure Security Engineer (Associate Exam AZ-500): This Azure certification training is mainly for engineers who intend to learn, execute and supervise security controls and access management and become accountable for securing the cloud computing data and other information, including applications and networks.
  • Microsoft Azure AI Engineer (Associate Exam AI-100): This is designed for individuals interested in applying for Microsoft solutions for Artificial Intelligence (AI). The trained candidates will have the aptitude to analyse diverse requirements for Artificial Intelligence solutions.
  • Microsoft Azure Data Scientist (Associate Exam DP-100): This is an associate-level examination designed to check the ability and knowledge of the candidate in developing and executing data science solutions on Microsoft Azure.

The Azure expert training programme includes the following:

  • Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect (Expert Examination AZ-300): This is exclusively designed for candidates keen on using cloud solutions and computing systems for businesses.
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer (Expert Examination AZ-400): Azure DevOps training tests your professional aptitude to deliver cloud services employing all the features and gears of Microsoft Azure. The certification validates that you can communicate, collaborate, design, code, implement, monitor, create automation, and deliver different aspects of Microsoft Azure.
  • Microsoft Azure Architect Design (Expert Examination AZ-301): This is a top-rank certification that you can achieve in Microsoft Azure. The certification will teach you to design and set up the API integration strategy.


Azure certifications are a high-in-demand certification in the IT world. While the expert-level Azure DevOps certification is now the most popular, all Microsoft certifications make you capable of getting better job roles and higher pay in reputed firms across the world.



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