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Best food to try in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a nation of awesome food. Its food has been formed by its shifting history and its exceptional geology. Bangladeshi cooking is affected by Mughlai food and different Persian, Turkish, Arabic and Indian dishes are prominent here. So you can envision the amount of various flavors you that will find in some sporadic menu. Visit whatisss to get more updates.

Penta elisho

Punta Ilish is a standard food eaten by fundamentally every Bangladeshi during the Pohela Boishakh Festival (the focal day of the Bengali year). It is the most prestigious food in Bangladesh. We love this dish since it is an astounding picture and party of our way of life and custom.

It is the extra rice ingested water and gave consumed hilsa, pickles and lentils. Individuals eat Punta Ilish on the morning of Pohela Boishakh and a brief time frame later check out amicable undertakings. Great, firm and amazing hilsa fish gave water-filled cold rice and bursting bharta presents a mix of effective and stew flavors. You’ll adore it after your most significant piece. Another fish, American shad, proposes a flavor like hilsa, so you can purchase that and partake in some Bengali yourself. You should in like manner examine what is food aversion.

Raw biryani

Raw Biryani is perhaps the most appreciated food things of Bangladeshi individual. It is hugely valued, it is all things considered served on celebrations and astounding events like weddings, picnics, and so on. I like this dish a mind boggling course of action.

The most prominent biryani in Bangladesh is Dhaka Kachi Biryani. You will ceaselessly find the Dhaka Street biryani tones down amassed considering the awe-inspiring interest for this food. The main decorations are rice and marinated meat cooked in loads of flavors, which gives it an excellent taste. Flavors are nutmeg, mace, faint pepper, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, cove leaf, coriander, mint, ginger, onion, tomato, green bean stew and garlic. It is now and again given permeated eggs and salad.

Vuna Khichdi

Khichdi is a dish made of rice and lentils (lentils). Vuna khichdi (singed) is cooked with various decorations and flavors than ordinary khichdi. It is given cooked meat and pickles. It is one of the most sublime and most regarded food things in Bangladesh. Upgraded with turmeric and salt and finished with ghee, khuchuri makes an ideal lunch or supper.

Regardless, you can make it all the more radiant and the sky is the limit starting there “authority” by adding vegetables, dried verdant food assortments or chicken. This is a solace food for twirling days, and is extraordinarily prominent at Family Get Together.

Morog polao

Polao is a rice dish that consolidates cooking a stock and adding flavors. Different assortments of this awesome, mouth-watering supper are morog polao or chicken polao, which is polao given chicken.

Polao and Biryani are cooked with a similar rice in any case they have a substitute desire for perspective on the utilization of various flavors. Anyway, while you’re eating Morog Polao, you know you’re not eating anything unusual. It has an illustration of force, and is a significant part of the time eaten at festivities and other unique events.

Barbecue Chicken with Naan Roti

The dish is served in fundamentally every cafe in Bangladesh, and in excess of 50,000 barbecued chickens are sold dependably the nation over. There are different ways to deal with stewing chicken and an assortment of flavors are utilized. Different coffee shops cook chickens in glass broilers set outside to captivate individuals to eat them. This is an astoundingly convincing way of thinking.

At this point it is for the most part eaten with naan roti. Naan Roti is a broiler warmed raised flatbread – the best function with chicken. Roti is genuinely sweet while chicken is enthusiastic. This blend makes a magnificently wild hankering for your mouth.


Haleem is an Arabic dish. It is a striking stew made using meat – generally cheeseburger or sheep – lentils, grain and flavors. It is sold as a nibble in road tones down and business focuses (markets), and making haleem integrates a long and confused process. It will overall be given mint, lemon juice, coriander leaves, cooked onions, ginger root and green chillies.

Haleem is a bothersome dish, which gives protein from meat and fiber and starches from a blend of grains and heartbeats. Maybe this is the help for why the dish is so famous for breaking the quick during Ramadan.

Search for kebabs

Seekh Kebab is a Turkish dish that has become entirely striking in Bangladesh. Burger is ready with a mix of flavors that make an extraordinary flavor. It is an excellent canapé, delicate and brilliant and prepared with ginger, garlic, green chilies, ground chilies and different flavors.

The planning of seekh kebab truly draws out the sort of meat. Certain individuals eat it with roti and a like to eat it with practically no help.


Puchka is sensible the most adored snack and road food across Bangladesh. It began in India yet turned out to be notable in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal. Puchka is a round or ball formed cooked, new flatbread gave pureed potatoes, lentils, chaat masala, onions and coriander.

Whenever you smell a puchka, you understand you will encounter an incredible taste. You get the best blend of cool, singing, tart, sweet and crunch. Remarkable to the go-to people as frequently as conceivable visit side of the road puchka tones down to contribute energy with companions.



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