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Best comfortable clothes for medical professionals

Scrubs are like a second skin for many people who work in health care. But not every scrub is made the same. The best pair of scrubs should be comfortable, practical, and easy to move around. If you don’t choose your scrubs carefully, a twelve-hour shift can seem much longer.

Comfortable Clothes For Medical Professionals

Scrubs have been a mainstay in the health care field for decades. They are easy to clean and serve as an unofficial uniform for health care workers. Their simple design also helps keep patients from getting sick. Loose clothing won’t get in the way when leaning over a patient or an open wound.

There weren’t many options for scrubs in the past, but now there are more than ever before. This is because the healthcare industry is increasing, and workers want to show their personalities through work clothes. If you’re wearing scrubs daily, you should research to find a set that fits you well.

Do you want to buy a new set? Here are some of the best scrubs brands that we recommend.


The CEO of FIGS has a background in fashion, and she started the company after seeing a nurse practitioner friend spend all day in scrubs that were uncomfortable and scratchy. FIGS scrubs are made of a four-way stretchy fabric usually found in sportswear and are very useful. Many of their scrub pants have not one, not two, but ELEVEN pockets, so healthcare workers can always have everything they need. And because of the COVID-19 crisis, they have started selling face masks made just for them on their website.

figs medical clothing

FIGS has also started the Threads for Threads program, which gives medical clothes to doctors and nurses who need them. Since they started, they have given more than 500,000 scrubs to medical workers in 35 countries worldwide.


According to Fortune Business Insights, the worldwide market for medical apparel reached $86.15 billion in 2020. The most extensive section of this market comprises scrubs and surgical gowns. It is anticipated that this market will reach $140 billion by the year 2028. At the same time, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that occupations connected to health care will rise by 15% from 2019 to 2029. This will add 2.4 million new jobs, “more jobs than any of the other occupational groupings.”


Every one of them has to wear clothing to work.

Scrubs have gained even greater significance in the last year, even though some medical professionals had already begun to abandon their use before the epidemic.

“It’s the one way that everyone in the hospital can express themselves,” said Chaitanya Razdan, the founder of Care+Wear, which he started in 2014 on the premise that people dealing with medical issues should feel like people, not patients. “It’s the one way everyone in the hospital can express themselves,” said Chaitanya Razdan. And one way to express your uniqueness is by the way you dress.

When Mr. Razdan was asked why nurses and physicians haven’t traditionally been given the ability to express themselves in the workplace, he said, “When you think about how we express ourselves when we go into work, it’s insane.” Why should medical professionals be spared from the trend toward reevaluating dress regulations elsewhere, especially in educational institutions and financial organizations?

This is especially true when one considers how the pandemic elevated health care workers to the forefront of cultural discourse, thereby elevating them to the status of heroes; in addition, this is especially true when one considers the rise of athleisure, which expanded the designer’s purview into the realm of stretchy, comfortable clothing. It is not a massive leap of logic to believe that scrubs, a kind of clothing that falls halfway between pyjamas and garments used for performances, are entitled to the same consideration. They still make uniforms for people who work in industries like construction, hospitality, and landscaping. Since they have a good reputation, it makes sense that they would come up with some of the most durable scrubs on the market. Dickies’ primary goal has always been to create functional and comfortable clothes; you can see this in their healthcare clothing.


If the product’s motto is “When you wear WonderWink, anticipate praises,” then you already know it must be high quality. WonderWink has emerged as another fantastic brand of scrubs favoured and recommended by medical specialists. The company is dedicated to offering various solutions for medical personnel of different shapes and sizes. Its founders firmly believe that scrubs don’t have to be dull and standard. WonderWink is a manufacturer of various healthcare accessories, including scrub hats, headbands, masks, compression socks, and laboratory coats. In addition to providing a HUGE range of colours, designs, and sizes of scrubs, WonderWink also produces a collection of scrub accessories.



Since the early 1970s,  Cherokee has been manufacturing clothes, and since the mid-1990s, they have been manufacturing scrubs. During this time, they have indeed mastered the process of what makes a beautiful set. They change their styles, colours, and prints with the seasons. Still, they never skimp on the quality of their clothes or the comfort or practicality of their products. Additionally, the company produces footwear aimed at fusing fashion and function, which is made exclusively for those who work in the medical field.

Cherokee medical clothing

In addition, Cherokee is highly outspoken in its advocacy for and encouragement of students who are interested in pursuing careers in the healthcare industry. The company contributes a part of its profits to various healthcare scholarships nationwide. They have given approximately two hundred thousand dollars in donations since 2007!



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