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What are Some Major Benefits of Outdoor Solar Lighting?

Solar power is gaining importance and popularity for being a dependable source of street lighting across the globe. Solar street lighting fixtures are referred to as less conventional energy-consuming solutions with energy conservation and negligible reliance on the national grid. 

In India where there is abundant sunlight, and the solar-powered street lights can do a great job of sustainably illuminating streets. Solar street lighting nowadays comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Also, the installation of such exterior luminaires is easy. Hence, many cities are considering them to illuminate streets, pathways, garden areas, and cycle tracks.

Major benefits of Solar street lights 

Environment friendly

One of the greatest benefits of solar street lights is that they immediately reduce carbon footprint as they are charged by converted energy from the sun.  This makes them highly sustainable and eco-friendly. Similar to LEDs, the latest and high-tech solar street lighting offers a longer lifespan and is incredibly energy-efficient as they require a minimum amount of charge to provide enough illumination from dawn to dusk.


Solar lighting has moved enormously since its introduction in the lighting industry. Today, solar street lighting comes in a wide variety of designs, patterns, and styles that, at first glance, no one might even realize are powered by anything other than electricity. 

These lights can be considered for embracing different areas like the rock garden, park pathways, and show-stopping shrubbery.

There is no denying that solar energy lights can contribute to the beautification of the areas by highlighting the features of the place and providing clear visibility.

Many lighting professionals also believe that solar lighting is the most reliable source of renewable lighting for an economy to thrive.

Safety and security

Not only these exterior light fittings are aesthetically pleasing, but they also make the streets safe and sound. The outdoor solar lights make a space less vulnerable to threats. For areas facing bad weather conditions and power outages, solar-powered luminaires are the best choice to provide proper illumination.  The fixture will continue to work normally due to the integration of rechargeable batteries. 

Furthermore, the electrical or traditional street lighting also poses a threat to pedestrians in case there are loose cables around the luminaire for them to trip on. Fortunately, such issues do not arise in the solar street lighting as there are no cables involved.


Since this type of street lighting solution does not require laying extensive electrical wiring, thus, installing them anywhere anytime is easy. To be precise, the majority of these solar street lights are designed with the ability to be installed or placed at different locations with direct sunlight.

Furthermore, the luminaires are manufactured with integrated solar panels infused directly into the head of each lamp which makes them versatile to be carried and placed hassle-free.

Other benefits…

  • We can say that solar street lights are cost-effective for long term purposes. Initially, the installation can be costly but, as compared to traditional street lights, their manufacturing is solid with in-built solar panels and batteries. This makes them long-lasting and efficient with no involvement of the grid. 
  • They are also water-resistant and have a low glare, and insect attrition rate.
  • Contemporary solar lights come with a beneficial battery management system to aid the presence of motion and night sensors.
  • With the integration of smart lighting options, solar lights now possess automatic features. It turns on automatically when it senses human movements. 

Solar street lights are a delight for environmentalists and lighting professionals to build a safe, energy-efficient and healthy environment. In simple words, solar lighting is one of the biggest advancements in the lighting industry for the growth and development of an economy. Many people are considering this green lighting solution to light up their office and home outdoors, and pathways. 

Some big lighting companies like Wipro Lighting have also introduced a solar street lighting product– SolaRISE+ to partner with people for a sustainable future. You can check their website to bring modernity and energy efficiency to your streets with the trust of brand quality and assurance.



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