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Benefits of Using Static Line Systems for your Safety Harness

If you have ever watched National Geographic Channel, you will be familiar with the Antarctica expeditions or bungee jumping clips. In the adventure movies as well, you may have seen group of scientists entering a tunnel that leads them to the earth’s interior to unravel some forgotten mysteries. You may also have seen people wearing safety harnesses attached with cables to prevent a fatal fall while going down the sloppy tracks. Those safety harnesses are formally called static line systems. Those are considered to be the safest fall arrest system, especially for the multiple users.

Why opt for Static Line Systems?

People who work in great heights, especially above the modular platforms, find it difficult to move while wearing many layers of harnessing and cables. Static lines systems are apt to use in such cases because they are very flexible yet competent to provide optimal safety. When you attach this system to your rooftop, it clearly shows that you care for the people who are risking their lives for making your vision come true. The high grade static line systems, especially the ones that are made of aluminum are mostly coveted for providing high-end safety. These types of cables can bear the load of four people at once.

These systems also restrict people from going beyond the safety zone to avoid risks. Static line systems have lot of utility in the places where there are no guardrails. The Static Line Systems consist of energy absorber which ensures easy movement of the individual. Further, there are tension indicator and corner building tool that provide enhanced protection while building the corners without damaging them. The complete system comes with a range of features such as a connecting harness cable, end terminal, cable tensioner and  concrete end stanchions made from extremely durable and weather-resistant materials. Static line systems are suitable for light works like concrete fixing, painting or cleaning purposes. The benefits of using static line systems are:

  • This system is highly rated in the fall arrest category and has the capability to support multiple users from a single attached point. This not only saves space on your roofs but also is aesthetically pleasing.
  • using (???) The advanced energy absorption system prevents any damage to the cable while working.  since it is a swing system where mobility is high and with high mobility the tension on the rope increases. With the absorber, this tension gets  reduced so that the user does not fall.
  • Many safety installation companies (companies’!)  use what is known as Pilot Traveller which makes movements easy and smooth. You do not want to constantly be tugged at the extension while working  which may attract adversities like loosening of the connection or being completely ripped out of it.
  • Installation is simple and cost effective. You do not need high-end machines to drill in the system and set it up. In fact, for the do it yourself fans, you can easily check out the installation videos and get it done for yourself in case you would require the system to access narrow areas.
  • The most important benefit of this system is that it can be installed anywhere and on any rooftops.

All said and done, fall-arrest systems are not infallible as fatal falls can occur if you don’t proceed with caution.

There are places where it is better to work in hanging rather than having platforms especially in narrow spaces and the static line systems not only provides a wide angle of mobility but also more work efficiency. With training, workers can become  adept in maintaining their center of gravity and controlling the movements while working.



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