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bed work exactly how does Co sleeping

Sharing sleep with a baby is a very common practice these days. To make the baby sleep with you safely, it is advisable to install a co-sleeping bed and see more crib attached to bed

Very practical and functional, the co-sleeping bed allows the mother to breastfeed in peace at night without having to get up. Which co-sleeping bed to choose? How does it work? What are the advantages of the co-sleeping bed?

What is a co-sleeping bed?

The co-sleeping bed is childcare equipment that allows parents to attach the baby’s bed to their own bed.

A mothering technique that offers the possibility of watching over your newborn and practicing breastfeeding in peace, but not only…

This shared sleep between baby and parents makes it possible to be close to their newborns and to meet their needs almost immediately.

Co-sleeping beds are designed to be glued to the parents’ bed and are equipped with different systems to secure baby’s sleep.

Do not confuse the practice of co-sleeping and the co-sleeping bed

Attention, co-sleeping bed and co-sleeping do not mean the same thing! The co-sleeping bed is a piece of equipment that allows parents to practice co-sleeping.

The principle of co-sleeping

What about co-sleeping ? Co-sleeping is a subject at the heart of the news that divides professionals. The principle of co-sleeping is to share the same bed or the same room with your baby.

As soon as you sleep with your baby in a big bed, you are taking a risk. With fatigue and exhaustion, it is possible to roll over your child at night. The child may also be too hot under a duvet or have trouble breathing.

With co-sleeping in a large bed, there are also significant risks of falling, which is why it is absolutely necessary to add a co-sleeping bed rail if you practice co-sleeping in your bed.

The co-sleeping bed

The co-sleeping bed is completely secure since the baby is in his own bed right next to his mother’s. Just lower the barrier so that the two meet.

What are the opinions of pediatricians on co-sleeping beds? Health professionals recommend co-sleeping as long as the safety of the child is not at stake. Co-sleeping beds are therefore perfectly secure.

The benefits of co-sleeping

Promotes breastfeeding

Breastfeeding your child requires the mother to make a gift of herself for her child.

Indeed, we no longer count the hours spent breastfeeding baby, doing skin to skin and carrying baby when breastfeeding.

The co-sleeping bed solution offers a more restful sleep. Instead of having to get up 6 times in the night, the young mother stays close to her child all night. A simple gesture is enough for him to take his little one and put him to the breast. She can even lie down and go back to sleep immediately after putting her baby down.

Of course, it is quite possible to breastfeed without co-sleeping . It’s a personal choice and for your own reasons, you might enjoy sleeping alone in your room. And yes, a baby makes noise, so having it close to you does not always promote restful sleep.

The stress of young parents

Another advantage of the co-sleeping bed: parents are reassured.

Welcoming a newborn is new for young parents. You have to learn to recognize crying, how to put your baby to sleep and many other things.

Also, putting a newborn baby alone in his room as soon as he returns from maternity worries a lot of mothers, who have this need to be constantly at the side of their offspring. A way to make sure that everything is fine, that baby is sleeping quietly on his back, and that he is calm.

Some cribs even offer the possibility of adjusting the size of the crib in height and/or tilting it to raise the baby’s head.

You can choose your co-sleeping cradle in wood , fabric or plastic. There are even swing systems on some cradles, a very practical option! Most have wheels, which makes them very easy to move.

evolutionary cradle
The evolutionary co-sleeping bed
The evolutionary co-sleeping beds can be used as traditional cribs and co-sleeping beds. Indeed, they look like a classic crib but they have a height-adjustable side.

They can therefore be fixed to the parents’ bed and then ironed in the child’s room.

Its size is larger than that of a crib and allows it to be used longer over time. It is a co-sleeping bed in 120*60 which corresponds to the standard size of cribs.

In summary :
Co-sleeping, yes, but in complete safety with a co-sleeping bed!
Choose a co-sleeping cradle or an evolving co-sleeping bed.
Opt for quality equipment that will be comfortable and practical to use.
Remember that safety takes precedence over aesthetics.



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