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Beautiful Diamond Jewellery items for girls less than 10 years

Every woman can relate to a growing girl child’s curiosity and obsession with shiny stones and ornaments. From the very early years, girls try to mimic their mother getting dressed, wearing jewellery, and doing makeup. Finding your kid hiding in a closet, trying on your earring or necklace is like looking in a mirror reflecting your own childhood.

Long gone are those days when you can satisfy your little lady with fake princess tiara or plastic rings. Nowadays kids are very aware fashion and jewellery trends. They have their individual choices. They opinionated about their fashion choices and will question you about everything you buy for them. Their fashion sense develops exposure- which is plenty in the present world.

If you are planning to buy your diamond jewellery for girls below 10 years, you need to be more careful. From design to practicality- there are many things to ponder on when investing in children’s jewellery.

Think of your kid’s behaviour and age

The age and behaviour of your kid play an important role when you decide on the right kind of jewellery for them. If your kid is just a few years old, then they might not be aware of what jewellery is and its worth. Finding them a jewellery gets much easier in such a scenario. But it is important consider the long-term benefits of the investment. Can you exchange them? Can you modify them or get redesigned when the child grows? These are important questions to discuss with the jeweller.

Coming to their behavioural pattern- kids are hyperactive. Although they are attracted to shiny objects like oval lab grown diamonds, they don’t know how to keep them safe. The best option for them is to try out small stud earrings. As they will not be able to take off their earrings without the help of an adult and it will be a safer choice.

Jewellery should be adjustable

If you buy your kid a chain or any piece of jewellery, make sure it is adjustable. It can be adjusted as they grow. You can even style it with various outfits as their fashion senses evolve. Precious jewels are timeless and versatile that way. If your kid wants to be more creative with the jewellery pair the chain with matching earrings to get ready for any occasion.  

Weight of the jewellery

You need to think about the comfort of your child when you are buying ornaments for their daily use. Kids are carefree by nature and will get rid of anything that they feel uncomfortable wearing. When you buy a piece of jewellery for your child, you need to keep in mind that they do not feel restraint wearing the ornament. They shouldn’t get the feeling of wearing something heavy, so make sure the jewellery is lightweight and can be worn all the time.

Don’t go for cheap jewellery

Don’t buy cheap quality jewellery. If the chain earring or ring that your child is wearing is anything other than precious metal, it can cause sensitivity or irritation on their skin. It can also lead to rashes and allergies. In the worst case, it can be carcinogenic by nature. All these hassles get avoided when you buy certified metal and diamonds. Hatton Garden Jewellers is one such certified shop that provides the best quality diamond jewellery.

A child is precious to their parents and they deserve to be adorned with the best ornaments. If you keep these criteria in mind while shopping for jewellery for children, you can easily find the best options which will look adorable on your baby.



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