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Are wakeboards different for women and men?

Men’s and women’s wakeboards are usually the same. They differ only in color and size. Which also motivates more and more women to try out a men’s board. So you can confidently put your girlfriend on your board.

Some women find the men’s boards much better and can therefore no longer do without them. As a woman, you have practically the free choice of a handful of wakeboards. With a women’s wakeboard, you also have much more control when riding.

This is probably mainly due to the slightly smaller size. However, shorter wakeboards also have their weaknesses. They are significantly slower and can dive into the water with the tip. In addition, landing after a trick becomes much more difficult.

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A smaller contact surface, therefore, does not always have advantages. Therefore, it is useful to switch to a longer board, especially as a beginner. But even if you have been on the water for a little longer.

The large contact surface gives more and more security. Ideal if you want to try yourself out first. But the jumps are not made too easy for you. As a woman, you should find an in-between thing. What suits you and your driving skills.

Body weight

Now the weight can not be distributed evenly on all wakeboards. What is easy as a girl can become more difficult as a woman. Because then simply the differences are no longer so clear. As a fuller woman, you have better cards with a men’s wakeboard. But even here you should shift your weight optimally.

With a weight of just under 70 kg, you need a board length of 136-139 cm. You will also find these many times in the men. This is just one of many possibilities. In case of uncertainty, you can also fall back on an all-rounder wakeboard. Here you do not have much to fear purely in terms of driving.

Binding size

For a secure stand, you need a good bond. It holds you together with the board. With many wakeboards, you can rely on a universal or even unisex binding. This does not stand out technically or in color from the rest of the wakeboard.

Usually, it is offered in sizes 38-46. Both women’s and men’s feet have enough space.


Very often the material fiberglass is used in women’s wakeboards. But also mixed materials. For special requests, you have to make a few compromises. Especially with simple wakeboards made of wood, this is often not possible otherwise.

Men’s or women’s wakeboards – everything has to fit together

It may be that the Finns have a different size. Then you can’t easily replace them or add them to another board.

It is best to measure the distance between the fins or check the properties of the material. If you add fins and Co. incorrectly, you can more easily lose control of your board.

In many women’s wakeboards, the fins are already installed. These should stand for good edge retention. Otherwise, it is essential to pay attention to mountable fins. Because these have a considerable influence on driving behavior. In many men’s wakeboards, the Finns are also integrated.

It is quite possible that materials such as polyester can soften the positive overall impression of a wakeboard. The material occurs from time to time on women’s wakeboards.

But first, as a beginner, you should pay attention to four details. In these four details, the women – as well as men’s wakeboards – can differ.





The importance of the Finns has already been discussed. The shape has a lot to do with size. The longer the better. Especially for beginners. But what about the channels? Are there differences between women’s and men’s wakeboards?

Channels are primarily intended to give you more stability. The characteristics of the channels can influence your driving behavior. In men’s wakeboards, these notches are usually slightly deeper than in women’s wakeboards.

Many women’s wakeboards allow the first visual differences based on the shape. Channels forms are more commonly used in women’s wakeboards. While the slightly flatter variant Featureless is used for men.

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What about the rocker?

Surely you have already heard the term rocker with many a women’s wakeboards. Many of the women’s wakeboards are offered as continuous rockers. These wakeboards have a uniform bend. So you are fast and soft on the road.

Do you want that as a beginner? Even if you like a wakeboard, you should check it for its driving characteristics. The term rocker can be found in both men’s and women’s wakeboards.

How do the wakeboards differ from each other in terms of price?

From a price point of view, there are hardly any differences. However, most wakeboards for women are in the middle of the price range. As a woman, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a new wakeboard.



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