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An Ultimate Post-Covid Travel Guide To Kashmir


Covid has been the worst of times for the whole world. With the pandemic hitting hard in a lot of sectors, people have faced a distressing time. With the health sector trying to provide comfort, facing deaths every day, the families have been miserably broken. People have become unemployed, losing jobs and salary cuts, businesses have closed down and a crashing economy was the fear of the hour.

Covid situation

In such a situation the travel and tourism sector has faced the most downfall. The ban on international and even domestic travel for a long time had led to devastating business plans. But as the world tries to overcome the horrifying past, getting back on track, safety is of the utmost concern. Even with the news and media shifting their minds and vaccines being injected, danger is still lingering around. The new variants are not stopping to arise and countries are still getting affected one by one. 

In such a situation as everything is slowly getting steady, being safe and taking all necessary protections take the front seat. Talking about the heaven on heart, Kashmir faced a tourism halt when the lockdown hit. The place which hovers with tourists from all over around the year stayed silent like others. But beauty needs affectionate people. Hence as the things open, the tourists are ready to explore again, spending a mesmerizing time among the snow-capped mountains, the splendid scenic beauty of Dal Lake, and taking the Gondola ride. And how can the flavorful local food and vibrant culture be missed? Hence, if you are planning a trip, here we present you a full post-covid travel guide, pointing out the important guidelines for a worry-free, splendid and unforgettable trip.

Post-Covid Travel Guidelines

There were few restrictive and relaxation guidelines provided by Member Secretary State Executive Committee, Simrandeep Singh to help people plan accordingly and carry the required documents along. After the pandemic it is always advisable to check these as per the State you are about to visit.

  • The restriction on all interstate modes of transport has been removed.
  • There is no need to carry any E-pass for entering the State and the curfew has also been removed.
  • ICMR form needs to be filled on arriving and no negative covid report is required by passengers of other States but at the Srinagar and Jammu Airport the test needs to be done.
  • Though vaccines certificates are required for South of Kashmir.
  • There is a mandatory antigen test for all travelers.
  • All local transports are available in the State including buses, rickshaws and cabs.
  • Gulmarg Gondola and Shikara rides are available now.
  • Schedule of local trains can be limited; hence it is advisable to be checked.
  • Shri Mata Vaishno Devi shrine can now be visited.

Other than these it is advisable to wear masks and use sanitizers at frequent intervals for your own safety and safety of others. As there are many tourist spots, carrying sanitizes is important at all places. These guidelines can be modified from time to time and hence it is important to check the recent prescribed ones again before making your bookings. Looking for a clean and hygienic place to stay where all covid-19 protocols are followed will help you to have a safe stay and a wonderful trip. You can even contact locals to know the recent rules and restrictions.

The lush greenery and heavenly beauty of the place calls for a lot of sightseeing. The valleys, crafty mountains, lake rides and colorful shopping sphere cannot be missed at all. Hence the best time to pay a visit here is from March to October, long enough to set your plan in advance. 

How to Reach

There is Srinagar Airport, the only one in the State and hence flights can be booked easily. Mostly all travel restrictions have been removed but carrying a negative test report can be beneficial just in case of any issue. There is a mandatory temperature check at the airport too. 

The Railway station is also connected well but train schedules may have been modified recently. Wearing masks is a must if you travel by train or take a road trip.

Activities in Kashmir Post-Covid

If you plan an exciting vacation after a horrifying year, it is important to go around, explore the magical beauty, and take all necessary precautions. If you are a nature and adventure lover, the Chadar trek calls you with open arms. But it is definitely not an easy one so take it up only if you have prior experience. For a relaxing time a houseboat stay, Shikara rides and Gondola rides can be taken up. A trip to Shalimar Bagh will make your vacation a more memorable one.



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